Saturday, December 18, 2021

Storm takes out cemetery trees

A freak December storm with winds of hurricane strength swept through the state of Nebraska on Wednesday, December 15. Storm damage in the village of Exeter was limited to tree branches and scattered yard items.  On the outskirts of town, evidence of the strong winds that were part of a storm system were obvious.  The storm that moved across the state produced high wind warnings, red flag fire warnings, thunderstorm watches, tornado watches, thunderstorm warnings and even several tornados that touched down.  Exeter got less than a half inch of rain in the quick moving storm.  Several area schools let students out early but the Exeter-Milligan district held school all day and at 3:30 when the school day was over the storms had moved through the area.

Above – Just a mile east of Exeter, Paul and Becky Erdkamp discovered that seven large cedar trees had been destroyed that provide a windbreak around their property.  The trees were splintered and some had to be cleaned up off of Road 20.  This tree sits on the north east side of their property.  Also, they had a large aluminum canoe that took a wind driven trip and it has yet to be found.

Below – Another of the Erdkamp property tree that was on the west side of their property.  Fortunately none of the trees did any serious damage to their home.

There was also tree damage at the Exeter Cemetery as it is perched on a hill on the north east side of Exeter.  Several trees were sheared off and blocked the rear cemetery access road.

Thursday, December 16, 2021

Throwback Thursday: December 11, 2011



Drop Everything And Read.  Exeter-Milligan first graders are busy practicing DEAR and took their practice downtown this week to the Exeter Senior Center.

Area Senior Center members came downtown to listen to the students read.  The eight first graders had plenty of volunteers who wanted to hear them read.

Marcy Manwarren loaded the display case at the Exeter Village Office/Library with her beautiful handmade Christmas decorations.  Her crocheted white holiday express train was featured along with holiday bells, snowflakes and other items.

The Omaha World Herald announced their All-State first and second team and Exeter-Milligan students appeared on the list.

Claire White, Senior, was chosen for the first team along with Junior Taylor Erdkamp.  White notched 332 kills, 45 ace serves and 53 blocks for the team this year.  Erdkamp made the books with a setting assist percentage of 97%.
Honorable mentions went to Juniors Jackie Luzum, Megan Zwickl, and Jennifer Pribyl and Sophomore Erica Yound.

The Art I classes are currently working on making a slab mug with a pulled handle.

They have already completed other clay works such as a coil pot, and slab pot with a lid.   They have been learning different clay terms also.


The Art II class has just completed their Pop Art painting.  They learned

about the Pop Art Movement and then compiled their own creation using popular images.


The Art III class has begun working in clay also and they are completing a slab pot and a functional teapot.


The York News Times announced their All-Area Teams recently with Exeter-Milligan represented well.

In Football, Sophomore Nolan White was chosen as a co-captain leading the pack in passing yards and third in total yards.  He also led the pack in tackles.

Sophomore James Sluka was also chosen for the first team and was fifth in receiving yards in the area.

Junior Robbie Androyna was also chosen for the first team.

In Volleyball, Senior Claire White was chosen as a co-captain for the first team along with Taylor Erdkamp.  Jackie Luzum was also chosen for the first team.  White was second highest in the area for kills, third for digs and fourth for blocks.  Erdkamp was was second in set assists.

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Exeter-Milligan falls flat against Henderson

Heartland was a tough loss for the Timberwolves.  Final 22-66.  The JV Boys won the Giltner tournament on Saturday beating both High Plains and Giltner.


Lady TImberwolves get the W in Henderson

It was a tight game against the Heartland Lady Huskies but the Timberwolves finished on top 41-36 Friday night.


Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Exeter-Milligan Update: Science


Science News Update - by Matt Nicholas, Exeter-Milligan Science Instructor




The freshman physical science class came to school last monday and witnessed the horror of gravity’s wrath. They had spent part of the previous week building “roller coasters,” and while gravity is essential for the wood, paper, and tape structures to function, it was also their downfall. A long weekend of cooler temperatures weakened the adhesion of the tape causing catastrophic structural failure. So, that Monday morning was a shock to the system of our budding engineers. 

They were not downtrodden for too long, and like the phoenix began to rise from the ashes. Lessons were learned, like, maybe my base should be wider than the top, I could possibly connect my structure to the base in more than one place, and maybe using lighter building materials would be better. I was happy to see their resilience. They came in early, before school, during study halls, and even (gasp!) after school.

Our students have been through a lot in the last couple of years and I believe that they have come out the other end stronger. They have learned persistence, flexibility, and how to think outside the box a bit. I love doing activities like this one that lets the students use their creativity while also demonstrating understanding of our scientific concepts. The students were allowed to use popsicle sticks, straws, masking tape, and notecards.

I look forward to the finished products and the intensity of test day. To earn a 100% they must build a coaster that is 2 feet tall, has two loops, 3 turns, and 3 hills. All groups are striving for that perfect score and I think that most of them will reach it. There are always unexpected results on test day, but I think this group will produce some quality projects.


Pictured is Joleen Vossler with her roller coaster.