Monday, December 29, 2008


After the construction trailer was moved in, no more equipment has appeared on site. According to the Village Office a construction meeting is scheduled for Tuesday with Christensen Construction and they expect equipment and work to begin as early as next week.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Exeter-Milligan Boys Basketball

Friday, December 12th
Exeter Milligan versus McCool Jct.
43 - 59 loss
Travis Yound 14 pts
Dillan White 9 pts
Travis Yound 11 rebounds
Ethan Kattes 8 rebounds
Shane Manning 6 rebounds
Dillon Rischling 3 steals
Shane Manning 3 steals
Greg Pribyl 3 Assists

Exeter-Milligan versus Friend
62 - 47 win
Josh Sluka 18 pts
Travis Yound 14 pts
Greg Pribyl 8 pts
Travis Yound 8 rebounds
Dillan White 4 Rebounds
Mitch Horne 4 rebounds
Dillon Rischling 5 Steals
Travis Yound 3 steals
Mitch Horne 4 assists
Dillan White 3 assists

Santa's Visit to Exeter

The Exeter Chamber of Commerce sponsored Santa's arrival in Exeter Saturday morning, December 13th. He arrived with his sleigh bells in hand and a sharp memory. Santa took the time to visit with each child about their wishes before taking pictures.

After visiting with Santa, his helpers (members of the Exeter Chamber of Commerce) helped the kids play Christmas Bingo. The wonderful assortment of lovely prizes were donated by Jack and Linda Underwood and Bob Mueller. After the hit Bingo the kids got to go and pick out a prize and then collected a bag of Christmas treats as they left.

See the sidebar for additional pictures of the event.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Post Office Lobby to be Temporarily Closed

The Exeter Post Office LOBBY ONLY will be closed on Friday, December 19th and Monday, December 22 due to new flooring being installed. Customers will still be able to deposit mail in the box outside and will also be able to collect their mail on the east side of the post office. All post office business will be conducted as usual.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Exeter Milligan Girls Basketball Stats

December 29th

Exeter-Milligan played 7-0 Deshler in the first round of the
Holiday tournament losing by a score of 58-47. Heather
Pribyl led Exeter-Milligan with 19 points and 11 rebounds.
Tina Kassik chipped in 11 points.

In the 3rd place game Exeter-Milligan came back with a win
against Cross County 65-55. Leading the T-wolves was Kelsey
Moore with 14 points. Heather Pribyl had 13 points and 13
rebounds. Amber Filipi and Claire White each scored 11

Next game: Home vs Diller/Odell Tuesday January 6Friday, December 19th

Exeter-Milligan got a nice win last Friday as they defeated
McCool Juntion by a score of 55-20. Leading in scoring was
Amber Filipi with 15 points. Heather Pribyl followed with
10 points 8 rebounds and 6 steals. Tina Kassik had 9

Exeter-Milligan's next game is in the Holiday tourney at
Dorchester. They play Monday December 29 at 6:30pm against
Desher in Dorchester.
Wednesday, December 17th

Friend 52 Exeter-Milligan 27

Heather Pribyl led in scoring with 11 points and 13
Kelsey Moore followed with 6 points and 3 steals.

Exeter-Milligan is at Home FRIDAY vs McCool Junction

Friday, December 12th
Exeter-Milligan 48 Hampton 30

Senior Maddy Emshoff led in scoring with 12 points. Kelsey
Moore had 11 points and 3 steals.
Heather Pribyl had 8 steals in the game.

Exeter-Milligan 41 Deshler 47
Tina Kassik led in scoring with 12 points and 8 rebounds.
Claire White had 9 points.

Exeter-Milligan 40 Dorchester 49.
Kelsey Moore and Heather Pribyl led in scoring with 11
points a piece.
Amber Filipi had 10 points. Heather Pribyl had 14

Record 0-2. Next game Home VS Hampton on Friday in Exeter

Pool Construction Company Arrives

Wednesday saw the start of the arrival of Christensen Construction equipment. The first to arrive was a construction trailer and then the all important porta potty

All State Volleyball Selections

Claire White
Heather Pribyl
Steph Briske

All State Football Selections

Mitch Horne
Josh Sluka
Dalton Brandt
Dillon Rischling

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Give the Gift of Life at the Bloodmobile in Exeter Monday Afternoon

Drop-ins are welcome at the American Red Cross Bloodmobile on Monday from Noon until 5:30 p.m. Feel free to check in at the desk to see if there is a time available later in the day or if you can donate blood right away. Save a life, GIVE BLOOD!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Did you know Fido and Fluffy need a license?

According to Exeter Village ordinance 6-101 any dog over the age of 4 months has to be licensed within 30 days of ownership. Cats have to be licensed within 4 months of ownership according to 6-113.

The licenses are available at the city office Monday through Thursday from 8 -5 and are just $1.00 for male dogs, spayed female dogs and all cats. Unspayed female dogs cost $3.00 to license. This is an ANNUAL fee. Licenses are due each May 1st and are delinquent June 1st.

Why should I get a license for Fluffy and Fido? Well, they need to have their license on their collar in case they get loose in town. According to ordinance 6-105 "Uncollared dogs found running at large shall be killed or impounded in the Municipal Dog Shelter by the Municpal Police."

So, if your dog or cat doesn't have a collar with a license if caught they can be impounded or killed. If the dog is impounded ordinance 6-106 requires that the owner pay impoundment fee of ten dollars plus licensing within the first 24 hours, after that a reclaiming fee of ten dollars is added on to that. After 72 hours the dog may be destroyed by the Village Police.

In obtaining a dog license owners must present proof of the dogs current rabies shot for the village records.

Here's a great stocking stuffer for Fluffy and Fido, a bright shiny new license from the Exeter Village.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Demolition Begins!!!!

Check out the Pool Demolition Slideshow for lots of pictures on the demolition that started today. Check daily for more new pictures!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Exeter Pool Demolition to Start on Monday

The Exeter Pool demolition is scheduled to start on Monday. See the slideshow to the right for pictures of the current demolition on the inside of the bathhouse. Check the Village of Exeter website daily for videos and pictures of the demolition and construction progress.

G.F.W.C. Presents Program on Bullying

Tuesday evening the G.F.W.C. Exeter Woman's Club welcomed Linda Allen, MS, PLMHT, NCC, and a counselor from Louisville, Neb. for a presentation on the topic of bullying at school.

Allen spoke to the large gathering of women representing the Exeter G.F.W.C. Woman’s Club and the Fairmont G.F.W.C. as well as members of the community. She started the discussion with encouraging attendees to define a bully and then asked them to share a few of their thoughts with those sitting around them.

After giving an official definition of bullying Allen described some of the traits of the behavior. She also explored the reasons why kids bully and why adults should care.

Some of the more startling statistics include the future of those who bully. According to Allen, “Studies have found that 60 percent of boys who were bullies in middle school had at least one conviction by age 24 and 40 percent had three or more convictions.”

After describing the health consequences that those bullied often face, Allen explored the topic of cyber bullying. This bullying usually occurs through email, instant messaging, text messages, blogging or chat rooms and is become more and more common. Allen explained that this behavior is very disturbing for two reasons. “Cyber bullying messages and images can be distributed quickly to a very wide audience and children and youth can be anonymous when cyber bullying.”

Allen encouraged parents to keep a close eye on children when using the Internet and continue to monitor Internet usage, as they become teenagers. She encouraged parents not to erase any communication that is threatening but make copies in case they are needed for future action. “This is a whole other ballpark for parents to understand,” said Allen.

Unfortunately Allen has found that bullying “starts early in our classes, I sometimes am using the word bully with Kindergarten parents.”

She emphasized that the reduction of bullying in schools requires a “change in the school climate” and “in norms for behavior.” Respect, trust, optimism and internationality (know why we do the things we do) were what Allen described for the school climate.

As far as norms for behavior she described two solutions, mentoring and consistency in discipline. She encouraged those in attendance to look online at several websites for more information on stopping bullying in our schools and homes.

Exeter-Milligan Players on the All Conference Volleyball Teams

Steph Briske and Claire White - First Team All Conference
Heather Pribyl and Kelsey Moore - Honorable Mention All Conference
Tina Kassik - Alternate for the All-Star Game

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Fillmore Center/Exeter-Milligan Softball Honors

Maddy Emshoff
Lincoln Journal Star 1st team Super State
Lincoln Journal Star First Team Class C All-State and Co-Captain
Omaha World Herald First Team Class C All-State
SNC 1st Team All-Conference
Hastings Tribune Player of the year
Hastings Tribune All Area 1st Team
Mackenzie Thomsen
Hastings Tribune All Area Honorable Mention
Lindsay Eichelberger
Omaha World Herald Honorable Mention All-State
Lincoln Journal Star Honorable Mention All-State
SNC First Team All Conference
Hastings Tribune All Area 1st Team
Jenni Kleinschmidt
Omaha World Herald 2nd Team All-State
Lincoln Journal Star Honorable Mention All-State
SNC Second Team All Conference
Megan Bauman
SNC Honorable Mention All Conference

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Exeter Housing Listening Session

Following up on a recent housing survey by the Fillmore County Development Corporation, Exeter community members had an additional opportunity to voice their opinion about the current housing situation in town.

The event was sponsored by the Exeter Chamber of Commerce and presented by the Fillmore County Development Corporation and Hanna:Keelan Associates.

Tim Keelan opened the meeting by presenting the results of the recent countywide housing surveys and also some demographic profiles that Hanna:Keelan Associates had compiled.

The full results of the housing survey and the Demographic Profiles are available in the slideshow on the right side of the page.

For the full story see
The Friend Sentinel

Monday, November 17, 2008

Exeter-Milligan D1-2 All-District Football Team Members

First Team Offense

Dalton Brandt
Josh Sluka

Second Team Offense

Dillan White
Ryan Harre

Honorable Mention Offense

Shane Manning

First Team Defense

Dalton Brandt
Dillon Rischling

Second Team Defense

Ethan Kattes
Mitchell Horne

Honorable Mention Defense

Shane Manning

Second Team Special Teams

Travis Yound
Ryan Harre

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Exeter Village Board Approves Bids for Pool

The Exeter Village Board has chosen nearly all of the contractors for the pool construction and finished approving them in a special meeting Friday evening.

Special guest at the meeting was Dave Henke, supervisor of the aquatics division of JEO Consulting, the engineers for the project. Henke tabulated all of the proposed bids for a grand total of $1,275,000. He reminded the board that this did not include "shelters, slides, painting or any engineering fees during construction."

Part of the reason that the slide was not included in construction is because of a problem with current slide design and some recent legislation that will require the re-engineering of every slide made. Once the manufacturing changes have been made Mayor Alan Michl expects the "biggest push to be for the slide."

The board had already approved both the electrical contractor and the pool builder. During the meeting they approved the carpenter's bid, plumbing contractor and the footings and wall construction. Houlden Remodeling out of Friend will be doing the carpentry, Kelch Plumbing and Heating of Exeter will be the plumbing contractor and Roth and Troyer Construction out of Milford will do the cement work for the footings and walls of the bathhouse.

According to Village Maintenance Supervisor John Mueller demolition is scheduled to start the week of Thanksgiving. Look for daily updates on the website.

The Village Board will have their next regular meeting on Tuesday, December 2nd at 7:30 p.m.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Everyone Enjoyed Family Math

See the slideshow of the event on the sidebar!

You know it has to be a good time when you get responses like “Family math rocks!” from some of the twenty-eight participants in the Exeter-Milligan Elementary school evening Family Math event.

Haven't heard of Family Math before? According to Exeter-Milligan elementary teachers Marla Weber and Anita Mueller it’s “A chance for parents to get involved with their children’s math education.“

The event held in the Exeter cafeteria was open to all families with children in kindergarten through sixth grade. Family Math was developed through the University of California, Berkeley. Weber and Mueller attended a two-day training program in 1991 to learn how to set up a successful family math event.

Since their training the pair have offered ten sessions and hope to continue offering more opportunities for learning in the future.

As the parent/child teams entered they had some Venn diagrams to sign and three different items to estimate. There were also math centers to explore which included Toothpick Farmer, Bug Block, Nimble Calculator, Cut a Card, Ten Card Arrangement, Tanagram Kits and Math Maps.

At the beginning of each session Weber and Mueller demonstrated several of the math activities and then participants were allowed to choose activities. Each activity could be tailored for the age and skill of the child. “This is a springboard for parents to show math is easy to do whenever and wherever you are to make it a positive experience,” said Weber.

More than just teaching math skills Weber felt it is “challenging for parents and children, it involves more strategy than basic math skills so it is fun for everyone. Some of the parents are still asking for answers to some of the tanagram puzzles.”

The parents wrote in their evaluations that they enjoyed having the bonding time with their children and thanked the teachers for volunteering their time to help the kids have some fun with learning.

**********Here is some advice from the Family Math book by Jean Kerr Stenmark, Virginia Thomsen and Ruth Cossey (Regents, University of California, 1986)******

1) Let your child know that you believe he/she can succeed.

2) Be ready to talk to your child about mathematics, and listen to what he/she says. Ask your child to explain the meaning of each part of a problem.

3) Be more concerned with the processes of doing mathematics than getting a correct answer. The answer to a particular problem has little importance, but knowing how to find answers is a lifetime skill.

4) Try not to tell your child how to solve the problem. It’s better to ask questions and help your child find his/her own methods of working it through.

5) Practice estimating with your child whenever possible. Estimation helps them think about a problem that precedes the doing, and it helps kids understand whether their answers make sense.

6) Provide a special place for study. Allow your child to help gear the place to his/her learning style.

7) Encourage group study, especially as your children grow older.

8) Expect that homework will be done, and look at completed homework regularly, but keep your comments positive. Praise your child for asking questions.

9) Try not to drill your child on math content or create hostilities by insisting that math work be done at one specific time or in a specific way.

10) Don’t expect that all homework will be easy for your child or be disappointed that it seems difficult,

11) Let your child see you enjoying mathematics. Include recreational mathematics in your family routine. Try to introduce math ideas (with a light touch!) at the dinner table, while traveling, or while at the grocery store.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Exeter Chamber of Commerce Door Decorating

The Exeter Chamber of Commerce is offering the opportunity for you to get a little holiday decorating done. For $10 the Chamber will decorate the door of your choice with a Christmas ribbon and bow. There is a choice of red or gold ribbon. The proceeds go to the Exeter Foundation. Forms are available at the Exeter Library and City office, First National Bank in Exeter, Greg's and at the Exeter Post Office. Please place your order by November 19th.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Terry Salyer honored to fly with the Veterans as an Escort

Terry Salyer, of Exeter, had several strong motives for volunteering as an escort for the fourth Heartland Honor Flight and this was his most important one, honoring the World War II veterans.

He emphasized that “The story is not about me. It is about the World War II veterans. I was just there to help them along.” Both Terry and his wife Elaine are veterans of the Vietnam War. The served at the same hospital in Qui Nhon where Terry was a medic and Elaine was an R.N. She served a one year tour and Terry was there from 1966 to 1969.

When a spot to ride with the veterans on the October 22nd flight to Washington, D.C. came up he jumped at the chance, “I know my Dad will never get to see it so I wanted to go for him and see it for him. I sent my Dad a letter about my trip and all of the pictures and he got very emotional about it. That made the whole experience worth it for me. It meant so much to him," Salyer reported.


If you would like an opportunity to donate to the next Heartland Honor Flight, which is scheduled for this month, you can send a check to Heartland Honor Flight VFW, P O Box 4552, Lincoln, NE 68502. Depending on donations the program will restart in the spring. For more information on the program visit .

For the rest of the story on Terry's trip see The Friend Sentinel

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election 2008 - The Results

The Exeter Election Board spent 12 hours on Tuesday checking names, taking signatures, passing out ballots and collecting the completed ballots. The ladies who served are pictured from the left Bethine Leif, Sue DeJonge, Pat Koca, Elaine Krejci and Bonnie Cudaback.

For the full tally of Fillmore County Election results please visit election results
The results are now posted but you have to use Internet Explorer as your browser to see them. As far as Exeter goes, the unofficial results are:

Village Board Members elected:

Kathy Erdkamp
Alan Michl
Mitchell Schlegelmilch

School Board Members elected:

Annette Gloystein
Tim Pribyl
Jim Zeleny

The proposition to eliminate township board did NOT pass.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Junior Fire Patrol Graduates

The Exeter Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department again this October provided all local 5th graders the training necessary to become a member of the “Junior Fire Patrol”.
The program is offered each October to coincide with “Fire Prevention Week”. Because of the great success expressed by the parents, the kids and the instructors, the Exeter Department has offered this program for a number of years. The kids participated in a structured class to include written assignments and they experience hands on use of fire fighting equipment. Students in attendance at all meetings were especially acknowledged with certification as “Junior Fire Marshal’s”. The kids are taught many aspects of fire safety, fire prevention, home escape planning, home hazards, and basic first aid. Greg’s Affiliated donated cookie treats each class, FNIA donated class materials and Casey’s donated graduation pizza’s. The primary volunteer instructors for 2008 were: Hope Androyna, Assistant Chief - Tim Axline, Junior Fire Patrol Chairman - Edward Mark, Greg Yound, Chief - John Mueller, Rescue Captain - Alan Michl, Doug Papik and Rusty Ruhl. These volunteers for our children are what make small town life truly part of the “Nebraska Good Life.”

The 2008 graduate class:

Elliot Erdkamp, Janey Due, Spencer Papik, Brianna Beatham, Sean Maxson

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Village of Exeter Receives Grant for Recycling Trailer

The Village of Exeter has been notified that they will receive a grant from the Nebraska State Recycling Association. The $13,500 awarded to the village is earmarked to purchase a recycling sorting trailer which will be placed closed to downtown.

This trailer will allow all residents to sort and drop off their own recycling whenever they want to. Currently, Exeter area recyclers must meet volunteers at the recycling trailer just outside of town on the second Saturday of the month during the hour and half the trailer is open.

On Wednesday, July 30th, Steve Andrews, a representative of the Nebraska State Recycling Association, met with Joyce Votipka and Leesa Bartu. They toured the town with Andrews, showing him the current trailers location and its downfalls. Andrews then asked to see the rest of the village asking questions about economic development and growth within the village. He was most impressed with the overwhelming response to the swimming pool bond issue.

The recycling trailer will be built in Nebraska by Dempster Industries out of Beatrice. It should be ready in the next six weeks and be in place before the holidays. The Village Board has not determined the final resting place of the trailer but the public will be informed when it is place. For more information post your questions here on the village of exeter blog or call Leesa Bartu at 266-3651.

Townships, Supervisors and Commissioners - What does this all mean to Fillmore County Residents?

This is the chance for all Fillmore County residents to voice their opinion on how they think the county should take care of their roads. A vote at the ballot box on Tuesday, will decide on whether or not to dissolve the 16 townships in the county.

This proposition was on the ballot in November of 1992 according to Fillmore County Clerk, Amy Nelson. According to Nelson, 2080 residents voted to continue the townships with 1178 to dissolve. Currently 27 counties in Nebraska operate under a township government but residents in Buffalo and Phelps County along with Fillmore will have the issue on the ballot in November.

Larry Biester, a member of the Geneva Township Board, has been an active voice in encouraging the supervisors to place the proposition on the ballot. He has served on the board for 21 years. “I have seen it when it really worked good and now it just doesn’t want to work,” said Biester.

The Exeter-Fairmont Township has also been running in the black mostly struggling with keeping members on the board and maintainers on the roads. Larry Cudaback, a member of the Exeter-Fairmont Township board repeated the thoughts of Biester claiming, “We spend a couple thousand dollars a year for insurance and the county already has that so it’s just a duplicate. Then the annual reports and audits and all takes quite a bit, too.”

Under the proposition Fillmore County Supervisors will become Commissioners in 2011 if the measure is passed.

See the full story at

Fillmore County Antiques Road Show

The Fillmore County Antiques Road Show had something for everyone.
The event, sponsored by Fillmore County Senior Services, featured Tom Bassett, professional appraiser, out of Lincoln. He recently participated in similar event in Seward where Fillmore County Senior Services director Brenda Motis had the opportunity to review both Bassett and the program.

According to Motis, Bassett was impressed with the quality of items brought to the show. A few of the pieces were not worth a great amount of money, but as family heirlooms Bassett recognized that they were priceless.
The program went "amazingly well," according to Motis, "The support from not only the community of Exeter but the surrounding communities was wonderful. The success of the event is attributed to the support we received from local businesses serving as corporate sponsors, the Exeter and Milligan churches, Exeter Senior Center and Milligan Senior Citizen's Organizations all providing the pies and sandwiches for the food stand."
See the full story at

Friday, October 24, 2008

Pumpkin Painting at the Volkmers!!!!

Lots of Pumpkins painted

Cantrell Harrison watches her kids, Cami and Devin paint pumpkins
Jacy contemplates a pumpkin design
Alec has things all figured out!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Exeter United Methodist Church Window Restored

The imposing south stained glass window at the Exeter United Methodist Church got a facelift recently.

According to Exeter United Methodist Church history book “A Journey in Faith”, the south window was provided by the G.A.R. (Grand Army of the Republic) and the W.R.C. (Women’s Relief Corp) in 1905.

Lately the storm windows have clouded and some of the glass has chipped so the church executive committee decided that it was time for some restoration. This reconditioning effort was paid for through donations and memorial funds and the work was done by Classic Art Glass Co. out of Omaha. According to Steve Rhodes, chair of the executive committee of the church, "The lead was getting bad. The windows needed a good reconditioning after 100 years."

See the full story at

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Meet the Village Board Candidates

Mitchell Schlegelmilch

Kathy Erdkamp

Hope Androyna

Keith Mathiesen

Alan Michl

For Full Interviews with the candidates please visit The Friend Sentinel online through the link below . After entering the site click on the link for previous stories and then the Exeter Village Board Candidates