Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Timberwolve Boys Tack on Another Win!

Exeter-Milligan boys corralled the Meridian Mustangs at home Tuesday night.  They won 53-35.  They will meet BDS Thursday night in Davenport.


Exeter-Milligan Girls dominate Meridian 44-27


Exeter-Milligan Update: Science Update

Pictured is Savana Krupicka with her roller coaster.


Science Update

By Matt Nicholas, Exeter-Milligan Science Instructor


What a ride it’s been! Just like a good roller coaster, 2020 has had its ups, downs, and all-arounds. The EM physical science students have been studying just that. Roller coasters are a great way to demonstrate the law of conservation of energy, and the coasters that the freshmen built did not disappoint. Unlike other roller coasters, ours did not have a mechanism to get from the bottom back to the top, but the journey from top to bottom was an adventure in changing potential energy to kinetic energy. 

The students were tasked with building a 2 foot tall roller coaster out of popsicle sticks, straws, notecards, and tape. They had a 4 square foot plywood base to build on, and a marble to run the track. The requirements for a perfect score other than minimum height of 2 feet were 3 hills, 3 turns, and two loop the loops. 

The students worked with partners during several days of class time, and a few students came in outside of class. The designs were all very unique and reflected the personalities of the students building them. Some of the groups planned things very carefully, and others just started building. Some were flexible and changed up strategies when things were not going well, while others were firm in their designs and refused to bow down to gravity. 

I saw a lot of wonderful interpersonal communication during this project. The partners were randomly drawn and some groups had matches made in heaven and others were matches struck against the side of the matchbook. In the end, all of the kids showed perseverance and teamwork. I was sad to see the project end, but very happy with the results. Most of the coasters worked as expected and had excellent design. Some had flaws, but not for a lack of effort. There may be an engineer or two in class of 2024, only time will tell!





Monday, January 18, 2021

Exeter-Milligan Boys Take Second at MUDECAS

 Exeter-Milligan boys took second in the MUDECAS "B" division tournament on Saturday.  They lost to Palmyra.  Pictured in the front row from the left:  Assistant Coach Noah Timme, Braden Capek, Devin Harrison, Andrew Vavra, Tyler Due, Draven Payne, Dravin Birkes.  Back row from the left:  Head Coach Dean Filipi, Marcus Krupicka, Daysan Staskal, Kole Svec, Jackson Beethe, Peyton Pribyl, Troy Kallhoff, Assistant Coach Travis Kotas, Assistant Coach Matt Nicholas.

on the Jane White ALL MUDECAS B Division First team:

Jackson Beethe

Peyton Pribyl

Honorable Mention:

Kole Svec

Exeter-Milligan GIrls FInish Third at MUDECAS

 Congratulations to the Lady Timberwolves who finished in third place in the MUDECAS "A" Division.  Front row from the left:  Cameran Jansky, Jaiden Papik, Cammie Harrison and Emma Olsen.  Back row from the left:  Jackson Krejci, Maddie Luzum, Jasmine Turrubiates, Taylor Pribyl, Daisy Kanode, Mallory Staskal, Savana Krupicka, Jozie Kanode and Assistant Coach Sara Pella.

on the Jane White MUDECAS All tournament team honorable mention:

Jaiden Papik

Cameran Jansky

Friday, January 15, 2021

Boys Get third win at MUDECAS head for B Division Championship Game

 Exeter-Milligan boys had no trouble handling Pawnee City on Tuesday night in Beatrice.  Final score was 55-24.  Thursday night the boys met Lewiston, the #8 seed who knocked of HTRS the #1 seed.  Timberwolves defeated the Tigers 59-48 giving them three wins on the year.  They will face Palmyra on Saturday at 4:15 for the B Division Championship Game.

Girls Suffer First Loss of the Season at MUDECAS

#1 Seeded Exeter-Milligan girls struggled to beat Freeman on Monday winning 33-24.  They met BDS in the semi final match up on Thursday evening.  While they stuck with BDS the first two quarters, the third quarter saw the girls fall behind and BDS won 43-28.  The girls will play Johnson-Brock on Saturday at 11:45 at the auditorium in Beatrice.

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Throwback Thursday Week of 1/8/2011



U.S. Cellular combined with the Nebraska School Activities Association have created a ranking of schools based on both academic and fine arts program.  According to the points system the Exeter-Milligan Lady Timberwolves are in the top spot in the Class D standings for the fall season with 112.5 points received. Trailing the Timberwolves are Lindsay Holy Family and West Point Central Catholic with 87.5 points each.  When combined with the boys overall the school is in 5th place with 132.5 points.

The U.S. Cellular cup is presented to four different classes the following fall and awards points for each school which participate in an event as well as points for district music competitions.



Six Exeter-Milligan students were named to the Academic All State list by the Nebraska Schools Activities Association for the 2010 Fall activities season.  Congratulations to:

Tyler Manning, Senior, Football
Blake Papik, Sophomore, Football
Rebecca Vossler, Junior, Golf
Kelsey Moore, Senior, Volleyball and Play Production
Heather Pribyl, Senior, Volleyball
Amanda Dinneen, Senior, Play Production




This holiday season, Exeter-Milligan 4th graders showed their generosity by donating to the Blue Valley Community Action Program in Geneva. Students chose to give the money they would usually spend on a class gift exchange to those less fortunate. Monetary and non-perishable food donations were also from peers in grades 3-6 and Milligan staff. It is with great pride these young philanthropists donated $120 and 140 pounds of food to make Christmas a time of joy.

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Exeter Girl Scout Distributes Bags


Girl Scout Brooklyn Oldehoeft bags up groceries for Kollin and Logan Harre in a free reusable tote she is handing out as part of her Girl Scout Bronze award.


Shoppers at Greg’s Market in Exeter received a bonus on Saturday as Brooklyn Oldehoeft, a member of Exeter Girl Scout Troop 20703, passed out reusable grocery bags as part of her Bronze award.

Oldehoeft, a sixth grader at Exeter-Milligan, has been a member of her girl scout troop since Kindergarten.  Currently a Cadette scout, Oldehoeft began working on her Bronze Award last year as a Junior scout but the pandemic  got in the way.

First she had to complete a set of badges called a Journey.  Since she could choose which journey she wanted to do, Oldehoeft chose the Outdoor journey.  During that she had to identify a problem she wanted to do something about,  come up with a sustainable solution and then take action to solve the problem.

Oldehoeft found her problem blowing in the wind, “On our way to Lincoln I saw a lot of (plastic) bags out in fields and in places where they shouldn’t have been.”

After doing the paperwork which included prompts to guide her to a project, Oldehoeft realized she wanted to provide reusable bags to her community.

Her mom, Kendra Oldehoeft, is also her leader.  Kendra noted that the paperwork helped guide Brooklyn to “issues to see in her community.”

Brooklyn and her troop members (a total of three) raised funds through selling Girl Scout cookies and also had a bake sale last year during the craft show at the Exeter Legion.

With her funds raised, Brooklyn looked online and found different companies who make reusable bags.  “I picked one and created the design on the bag.”

She chose to distribute them in Exeter, “I wanted to be where we would see them and wanted to get the community involved.”

Currently Greg’s Market isn’t allowing reusable bags because of the pandemic, “Right now they can take them out but I hope in the future they are able to bring them back,” explained Brooklyn.

This was an experience where Brooklyn learned from start to finish, from raising funds, to an awareness of needs and finally seeing a project through to the end.   She learned, “If you want to make a difference it takes hard work, but you can do it.”

“The world needs lots of change and people like me can make it happen.”

Brooklyn credits the Girl Scout program for “helping girls boost their confidence and achieve their goals.”

She spent approximately 25 hours on the project.  As she continues on in the Girl Scout program she hopes to find meaningful projects for both her silver and her gold award.

Despite the pandemic their troop is participating in online programs and getting online with their troop and will be selling cookies starting February 12.