Thursday, September 3, 2009

Exeter-Milligan Girls combine with Fillmore Central for Softball

Front row, left, Freshman Megan Waldron, right, Junior Mariah Bigelow. Second row left, Freshman Alicia Bigelow, right, Freshman Elly Korbelik. Back row left, Sophomore Coleen Colson, right, Sophomore Shauna Meyer.

Exeter-Milligan Cheerleaders Ready to Go!!!

They are pictured front row from left Linsey Klemm, Mariah Ruhl. Middle row from left Charlotte Andreason, Ana Androyna and Captain Kelsey Moore. Top row from the left Becca Vossler, Megan Waldron and Amanda Dinneen.

The Exeter-Milligan Cheerleaders are ready to get their teams and fans motivated this year.

Girls Golf Season Starts with a BANG!!

front row Crystal Becker,Senior, Ana Androyna, Senior, Linsey Klemm, Junior and Rebecca Vossler, Sophomore. Back row Coach Lewandowski.

The Exeter Milligan Timberwolf Golf team has already started their season with some success. Senior member Ana Androyna placed second by one shot at the Superior Invite last Friday. She shot a 101 and the team took second place overall.

Timberwolf Volleyball Season Begins

Front row from the left Student Manager Madison Horne, Taylor Slezak, Steph Briske, Caroline Harre and Student Manager Kylie Briske. Second row from the left Student Manager Logan Zeleny, Kelsey Moore, Amanda Dinneen, Heather Pribyl, Claire White, Cassie Harre and Student Manager Brooke Manning. Third row from the left Student Manager Erica Yound, Taylor Erdkamp, Megan Zwickl, Jennifer Pribyl, Jackie Luzum, Head Coach Darcy White

The Exeter-Milligan volleyball season began Thursday evening versus the Longhorns of Shickley in Shickley.


Taylor Erdkamp 5'5 9
Claire White 5'10 10
Jackie Luzum 5'9 9
Cassie Harre 5'3 11
Amanda Dinneen 5'7 11
Megan Zwickl 5'10 9
Jennifer Pribyl 5'8 9
Caroline Harre 5'7 11
Taylor Slezak 5'6 11
Steph Briske 5'7 12
Kelsey Moore 5'5 11
Heather Pribyl 6' 11

Head Coach: Darcy White
Assistant Coach: Laura Kroll
Student Managers: Logan Zeleny, Erica Yound, Brooke Manning, Madison Horne, Kylie Briske

Are you ready for some Exeter-Milligan Football?

front row from the left Student Manager Jack Dinneen, Student Manager Kirby Soukup, Andrew Colson, Greg Pribyl, Shane Manning, Mitchell Horne, Nate Bigelow, Student Manager Devin Sheffield. Second row from the left James Strate, Nolan Beatham, Ryan Harre, Blake Mark, Cody Koukup, Richard Erdkamp, Jake Wilkins, Blake Papik. Third row from the left Austin Stride, Zach Jensen, Tyler Manning, Spencer Bures,Tristan Scott, Rob Androyna, Trevvor Olson, Tanner Odvody. Fourth row from the left Jalen Maxson, Landon Rhodes, Dillon Rischling, Dillan White, Travis Yound, Blake Baller, Ethan Kattes. Back Row Coach Joe Wilkins, Coach Jackson Krejci, Coach Zach Wehner and Head Coach Dean Filipi

front row from the left are Richard Erdkamp, Tanner Odvody, Greg Pribyl, Mitchel Horne, Shane Manning, Ryan Harre
back row from the left James Strate, Blake Baller, Dillon Rischling, Dillan White, Travis Yound, Ethan Kattes, Trevvor Olson

The Exeter-Milligan Timberwolves will start their season at home tonight against Giltner at 7 p.m. in Milligan. Next week the Timberwolves will travel to play Heartland.

FOOTBALL 2009-2010
02 Ryan Harre B/S 132 5’7 12
03 Mitchel Horne QB/LB 152 5’9 12
04 James Strate E/S 129 5’10 12
05 Robbie Androyna B/LB 148 5’8 09
08 Cody Soukup B/S 130 5’7 11
10 Ethan Kattes E/DL 176 6’2 12
11 Spencer Bures B/LB 151 5’7 11
13 Richard Erdkamp B/LB 146 5’8 12
15 Zach Jensen E/LB 141 6’0 11
18 Tyler Manning B/LB 143 5’9 11
19 Greg Pribyl E/LB 143 5’11 12
20 Nathan Bigelow B/LB 127 5’7 10
21 Dillon Rischling B/LB 160 6’0 12
22 Trevvor Olson L/L 171 5’7 12
23 Jacob Wilkins L/L 174 5’11 11
24 Jalen Maxson E/DL 169 6’1 10
28 Andrew Colson B/LB 142 5’7 11
32 Shane Manning B/LB 150 5’8 12
36 Tristan Scott L/DL 176 5’11 09
40 Dillan White L/L 193 6’4 12
44 Austin Stride E/S 143 5’10 11
51 Tanner Odvody E/DL 161 6’1 12
56 Nolan Beatham L/DL 226 5’10 10
63 Blake Papik L/DL 197 5’10 09
65 Landon Rhodes L/DL 227 6’2 11
73 Travis Yound L/DL 200 6’5 12
84 Blake Baller E/DL 211 6’2 12
88 Blake Mark E/DL 140 5’10 10

Head Coach: Dean Filipi
Assistant Coaches: Jackson Krejci, Zach Wehner & Joe Wilkins
Student Managers: Jack Dinneen, Devin Sheffield, and Kirby Soukup

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Village Board Meeting Tonight - AGENDA

Village of Exeter


Exeter, Nebraska 68351

Agenda for Reg. Meeting of 9-1-2009

7:00 p.m.

Approval of Minutes

Approval of Invoices

Bill Volkmer – Lot Split

Alan Vavra – Roads up to scale by Coop

Dave Manwarren – water problems

Marshal’s Report

Maintenance Supervisor’s Report

Clerk’s Report

Executive Session – Personnel Pay

New Link Added - Fillmore County Registered Sex Offenders

There has been a new link added to the Village of Exeter website. A direct link to Fillmore County sex offender registry. This link takes you right to the Fillmore County page and lists both pictures, names and addresses of registered offenders. As a community we should be aware of those living who could pose a risk for our children and ourselves.