Saturday, March 19, 2011

Exeter-Milligan Update: Family Consumer Science Classroom

by Mary Lou Vossler

On March 2nd, several FCCLA members sported t-shirts to
support the "Spread the Word, to End the Word.  The
purpose of this day was to raise an awareness for the
useless use of the word "retarded" and the negative
connotation associate with this word.  Many members
previously attended the National Special Olympics and gained
an understanding that mentally and physically challenged
individuals do not like that label when talking about their
ability.  Meredith Emshoff's FCCLA STAR project was the
emphasis for this activity, as she brought an awareness for
autistic individuals and the increased use of the word,
retarded when identifying people with disabilities.  Through
her project, the student body was made aware of the
characteristics of someone with autism and that society is
so fast to label people, even if it is with the incorrect

Photo Identification:  (FCCLA MEMBERS IN GRAY T-SHIRTS)
Front- Brooke Manning, Meredith Emshoff, Toni Bossaller,
Becca Vossler
Back- Erica Yound, Cassie Harre, MiKayla Ruhl, Megan
Waldron, Liz Murphy, Logan Zeleny, Deidre Stevens and Taylor

Foods & Nutrition hosted their annual "Chili Cook-off".
Students paired up with a peer and created what they
believed to be the "winning" chili.  Selected faculty
members served as the judges and the results were:
1st Place- White Chili- Caroline Harre, Mariah Ruhl and
Brittany Behrens
2nd Place- JalapeƱo Chili- Colton Smith
3rd Place- Hot & Spicy Chili- Spencer Bures and Cody Soukup
4th Place- Random Chili- Blake Mark and Jake Wilkens
5th Place- Prize Winning Chili- MiKayla Ruhl and Cassie

Chef aprons were awarded to the 1st Place winners and edible
prizes were given to all.
CONGRATULATIONS to these young chefs.

Photo Identification: (FOODS STUDENTS)
Caroline Harre, Brittany Behrens, Cody Soukup and Mariah
Ruhl get their chili's ready to serve to the judges.

Photo Identification: (FCCLA GIRLS)

Representing Exeter- Milligan FCCLA Chapter at State
Leadership Conference will be:  Front-Meredith Emshoff,
Deidre Stevens, Toni Bossaller, Liz Murphy Brooke Manning.
Back- Janey Due, Kelsey Moore, Amanda Dinneen, Megan
Waldron, Becca Vossler and Erica Yound.

Those that are competing are:
Applied Technology- Jr. Category- Cyberbullying, the Next
Generation of Hate- Toni Bossaller
Applied Technology- Sr. Category- Practice Safe Text- Kelsey
Moore and Becca Vossler
Health and Wellness- Sr. Category- Should I Do It?
(Depression and Suicide)- Megan Waldron
National Programs of Action- FACTS- Jr. Category-The Risk is
a Click Away- Erica Yound and Brooke Manning
Focus on Children- Jr. Category- Stranger Danger- Deidre
Stevens and Janey Due.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring is Coming!

The robins are returning to Exeter bringing with them the promise of Spring!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Exeter-Milligan Timberwolves chosen for CRC All Conference Teams

Two Exeter-Milligan seniors from the Girls Basketball team Heather Pribyl and Kelsey Moore were chosen to the First Team of the CRC All Conference Team. Exeter-Milligan Freshman Nolan White was the only member of the Boys Basketball Team to be recognized on the First Team.  Exeter-Milligan Senior Zach Jensen received an honorable mention.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Exeter-Milligan Update: Math with Computers

Mr. Jackson Krejci's Math 7 students work on their IXL math program which they work on once a week on their personal computers. The students are currently working on multiplying and dividing mixed numbers. Pictured are: Johnathon Mounce, Hunter Worrell, Brianna Beatham and Jaret Clift.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Exeter Cub Scouts Head to District Pinewood Derby

Clint Oldehoeft, left, and Braden Capek, worked on the Geography Belt Loop during the Prairie Winds District Pinewood Derby on Saturday
Clint Oldehoeft, in the camo shirt, gets ready to put his car on the race track.

Cub Scouts who placed at the District Pinewood Derby in Milford are pictured in the front row from the left Sam Copley, Pack 290, third place stock show, Jarod Harris, Pack 175, second place stock show, Joey Bartu, Pack 218, first place stock show, Davis Luebbe, Pack 290, third place modified show, Jacob Potratz, Pack 256, second place modified show, Cade Houk, Pack 290 first place modified show, Jake Nichols, pack 175 Best of Show.  Top row from pictured from the left are Dylan Hiser, Pack 256, third place Stock race, Nick Glenn, Pack 175, second place Stock race, Nick Andrews, Pack 175 first place Stock race, Shane Fessler, Pack 175, third place Modified race, Luke Robinson, Pack 173, second place Modified race and Jake Witter, Pack 268 first place Modified race.

For the second year in a row the Milford Cub Scout Pack 290 hosted over 100 Cub Scouts and their families for the annual Prairie Winds District Pinewood Derby.
Cub Scouts who have been successful at their pack pinewood derby can participate in the district event.  There are four categories the Scouts can choose from Stock Race and Stock Show, Modified Race and Modified Show.
This year the District added an Open Class race for anyone who has a pinewood derby car but is no longer a Cub Scout and also for siblings.
Five Exeter scouts chose to go to the District event.  Clint Oldehoeft entered the stock race, Braden Capek showed his car in the modified show, Peytan Brandt entered the modified race, Ben Bartu showed in the modified show and Joey Bartu showed in the stock show.
The racing started immediately with many of the scouts running their cars in multiple heats.  Scouts who chose to show their car registered and then were interviewed by three judges from the Cornhusker Council. During the interview the scouts were asked questions about the design, styling and knowledge of tools used to make the car. The majority of points are awarded for knowledge and participation in the construction of the car.
During the event, Pack 218 of Exeter, hosted a belt loop clinic for the scouts who were waiting their turn to race or show their cars. Scouts had the opportunity to earn beltloops in Geography, Nutrition, Map and Compass, and Communication.
The race results were announced first with Nick Andrews of Geneva Pack 175 coming in first in Stock race, Jake Witter of David City Pack 268 took first in the Modified race division with Joey Bartu of Exeter Pack 218 winning the Car Stock show division for the second year in a row and Cade Houk of Milford Pack 290 winning the Modified Show division.  Best of Show was chosen by a vote of the crowd and the judges and was awarded to Jake Nichols of Geneva Pack 175.