Saturday, March 19, 2016

Exeter Milligan First Grade Classroom

Everyone loves to hang out in the bathtub in the first grade classroom.  The back row from the left includes:  Adrien Mueller, Truman Milton, Cohen Harre, R.J. Clevenger, and Logan Johnson.  Front row from the left pictured are: Kaylie Schlueter, Cheyenne Krupicka, Sydney Engert and Brooklyn Oldehoeft.

Above -The word for the year the first grade classroom has chosen is caring.  They made this art collage to remind them.
Below -
The Exeter-Milligan first graders created artwork about caring hands.

Above -The Exeter-Milligan first graders put a colored pom-pom in their bucket when someone says or does something nice for them and also when they do or say something nice to them to help them to see how important kindness and caring is in their lives.

Above– Cohen Harre references his science book during the class period.
Below – Adrien Mueller reads from his science book during the lesson in his first grade classroom.

  Exeter-Milligan first graders discuss scientist during their science lesson.

The Exeter-Milligan first grade classroom has been busy learning this year.  They chose the word “caring” to emphasize this year.

Part of the learning process for the students was to read the book “Fill Your Bucket” which helps the students learn how giving and receiving kind words and actions can fill their personal buckets.  Each student has a small bucket that they can put a yarn pom pom in whenever they give or receive a kind word or deed.

The students had a very special celebration on the 100th day of school and made a project with 100 items, they played special 100 games, decorated the hallways with futuristic forecasts of faculty and staff pictures at 100 years old.

Each year the first grade classroom has walked to the Exeter Senior Center to have special activities with the seniors.  They often read together or practice math with the first graders.  They have also come to school to have lunch with the students.

This past fall the first graders held a special grandparents day celebration.  They honored their grandparents with songs and crafts.

Their teacher, Mrs. Sharon Lott, has always had a special week recognizing each student with a poster all about them on the door for the week.  This year, she took it a little further calling it Fantastic First Grader.  Each Friday, the students take turns being the Fantastic First Grader.  They have a list of options they can chose from including eating lunch in the classroom with a  friend and watching tv.  They can sit in Mrs. Lott’s chair or chew gum, too.

Each week the students have a mystery reader come in and read at least one book to them.  During the day, Mrs. Lott gives them clues about who the mystery reader is to see if they can guess.

Mrs. Lott has tendered her resignation this year and is looking forward to her retirement after 38 years in the Milligan and Exeter-Milligan school districts.  This class has been a joy to her, “I have greatly enjoyed this group of first graders. They are energetic and fun and always ready to learn."
Thanks to everyone in this district for making my years of teaching so rewarding. I will miss you!"


Friday, March 18, 2016

State Senator to Hold Town Meeting In Exeter On Saturday

Senator Laura Ebke will hold a town hall meeting in Exeter tomorrow, Saturday, March 19th from 10:00 until 11:30 at the Exeter Senior Center.

Exeter-Milligan Track Team

Exeter-Milligan Girls Track Team – Front row from the left:  Hailey Luzum, Hannah Beethe, Katie Skinner, Haylee Sheffield, Hannah Horne, and Kate Jansky.  Middle row from the left:  Alexis Uldrich, Sydney Hall, Katherine White, Samantha Horne, Hanna Klose and Student Manager Karoline Knudsen.  Back row from the left:  Macy Due, Josie Kresak, Tara Mueller and Kelsey Bigelow.

 Front row from the left:  Quinton Behrens, Trystan Brandt, Jonathon Mounce, Jack Dinneen, Sam Zeleny, Spencer Papik, Elliot Erdkamp, Giovanni Tadini, Colton Bossaller.  Back row from the left:  Joel Klemm, Mitchell Manning, Patrick Murphy, Joey Bartu, Cameron White, Trevor Luzum, Johnny Babula and Peytan Brandt.  Eric Olsen is not pictured.
The entire team with Coaches - left side Coach Murphy and Coach Marr.  Right side Coach Krejci, Coach Stutzman and Coach Kanode.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Exeter-Milligan Update: Spanish Update

by Haley Stutzman, Exeter-Milligan Spanish Instructor

We are just getting ready to begin the 4th quarter. It seems as though this school year has been flying by! In Spanish 1 class, we are currently learning the names of family members and how to describe your family. I always enjoy this unit because it gives me the opportunity to learn more about the students’ families. They have just completed a project where they each made their own celebrity family trees. I think they really enjoyed that project because they were able to use their creativity. They are also beginning their very first novel in Spanish. It’s always exciting to see the gains that the beginning Spanish students make their first year learning the language. I’m hoping this last quarter of the year is the most successful one yet!
pictured are Eric Olsen and Kaitlyn Vavra working on their family tree project.