Thursday, November 4, 2021

Throwback Thursday: October 30, 2011




Exeter hosted some special activities for Halloween this year.  Exeter Care Center hosted a Fall Fair during the afternoon and then the residents welcomed trick or treaters during the early evenings.  Ghosts and goblins were welcomed to the Exeter Fire Hall for Halloweenie hot dogs, chips and pops sponsored by the Exeter Chamber of Commerce.


Deidre Stevens, Miss Nebraska Junior Teen, donated stuffed animals to the Exeter Volunteer Fire department. The department keeps new, small stuffed animals in the Rescue Unit and gives them to the children they transport.  The stuffed animals were donated by Stevens' fellow pageant contestants.


Lorie Sliefert's Exeter-Milligan Physics class is studying projectile motion.  They recently had a lab were they had to calculate where they thought a marble would land on the floor as it was projected off the edge of the table.   Once they calculated the distance it would travel, they placed an empty can on that spot on the floor to see if they could get the marble in the can on the first try.   Of course their calculations were correct and it did land in the can.


Exeter-Milligan defeated unbeaten Pawnee City on Wednesday evening.  Quarterfinals will be in Milligan against Clarkson.


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