Saturday, February 24, 2018

Exeter Village Board Hires Summer Help

by Leesa K. Bartu

Vice Chairman Tim Wilbeck led the Exeter Village board meeting Monday, February 5  in the absence of Chairman Alan Michl.  After approving minutes and bills, the board reviewed the one and six year road plan for the second reading.

Wilbeck quipped, “As Alan (Michl) would say, the six year plan is the wish list . . . and the one year is sometimes a wish list, too.”

Wilbeck asked Maintenance Supervisor John Mueller when he expected the construction projects to start in Exeter.  Mueller hoped they would start by the end of March.

The Board adopted resolution 18-01, the one and six year road plan.

Discussion on building height requirements in a residential area was the next agenda topic.  Before the board adopted the most recent set of zoning regulations (in 2013) the village allowed buildings as high as 35 feet tall.

The current regulation allows for accessory buildings of 12’ at half peak.  Clerk Becky Erdkamp explained that the zoning board had a lot of issues with villages not wanting steel buildings in residential areas.

The board reviewed the changes that Fairmont has made to their village zoning and tabled the discussion for the next meeting.

Next on the agenda was a discussion on the mini excavator the village has leased with Fairmont.  Village Maintenance supervisor John Mueller explained that Fairmont does not want to share the lease anymore and presented options for lease or purchase.

Mueller noted, “This year we didn’t put hardly any hours on it.”

Board member Kathy Erdkamp expressed her thoughts, “I think we are stretched to the max can we wait and lease it another year.”

“I agree with Kathy,” added board member Justin Harre, “I say we put it off for a year.” 

After the board had a brief discussion on the possibility of not leasing the mini excavator, Mueller defended the lack of use, “When you don’t have anything to work on a water line you can justify it pretty easy. “

Board member Mitch Schlegelmilch added, “I don’t want to be without it.”

The Board voted to lease the mini excavator for another year and review the options then.

The board approved the recent fire department appointments of Kenny Strate as fire chief, Hope Strate as rescue captain along assistant fire chiefs Alan Michl, Nate Kahler and Dylan Axline.

The board moved on to discuss the summer help applicants.  They recognized that Sara Lincoln will do the swimming lessons again with Bailey Steuben helping as needed.  The board voted to hire Ashley Benorden as pool manager, and ask lifeguards Tara Mueller and Katie Mounce to also get operator certificates so they can substitute as pool manager.

The board also hired lifeguards Hannah Beethe, Josie Kresak, Anna Sluka, Kayla Geiger, Ryan Sharp and Jaiden Papik.  Summer maintenance applicants Seth Maxson and Tara Mueller were also hired.

Clerk Erdkamp reported that sales tax for the month of November was $8608.17 and keno was $1129.25.  Erdkamp noted that the community betterment fund has reached over $60000.00 from keno receipts.  The board discussed several options for using those funds before holding a discussion on chronically delinquent water bills.

The next board meeting was set for Tuesday, March 6

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