Thursday, February 22, 2018

Krejci's embrace an alternate method for treating cancer

After being diagnosed with cancer in November, Dixie Krejci and her husband Bill didn’t feel like their world had fallen apart. Yes, it was a shock, but the Krejci’s had done their research and they knew the direction that their treatment plan would follow.

Bill had worked with soil and essential nutrients and had seen the effects of chemicals on the soil and in turn the effect on food and plant fed animals. It’s all a circle and what we eat comes from the ground and keeps your body and immune system healthy.  “We have so much toxins in the world today it’s hard for any of us to stay healthy,” explained Dixie.

They decided to take an alternative approach to finding a cure for Dixie’s challenge.  “There are many other options out there besides chemo and radiation. We made this decision years ago that if either one of us were diagnosed, that those many years of research would help guide us through the choice of alternative treatments.”

From the November diagnosis Dixie began a treatment protocol she and Bill put together through their research and also through visits with many doctors in the Midwest.  To begin with, the choice was made to totally redesign her diet. Dixie also began taking large quantities of turmeric which fights inflammation in the body.  She has also been taking liquid Vitamin C as well as high amounts of a Vitamin D3/K2 product and has eliminated carbohydrates, red meat and sugar in her diet as much as possible.

She has focused on nutrition which helps slow down and stop any spreading of the disease and a detoxifying protocol to flush toxins out.  They have switched their diet to all organic foods. Dixie is also making sure that her bodies PH level is high because their research shows that cancer grows in high acidity and is fueled by sugar (carbohydrates) uptake.

So far, many blood tests (one of which is the Nagalase test that gives certain readings) have revealed that the challenge had decreased it’s activity. Her next blood work is scheduled for the end of this month.  She doesn’t have an estimate on how long this battle will continue with her body.

So far, the side effects haven’t been too difficult.  She has had some nausea from the Vitamin C and weakness from the different diet.  “It’s been hard not having the junk food and being home all of the time away from your normal life.”

There are several natural cancer treatment centers in the US but none are close enough for the Krejci’s to visit easily.  They did find a clinic in Wichita (Riordan Clinic) and have done some Vitamin C treatments there along with a very intense vitamin and mineral testing for the body. Dixie has taken advantage of the infrared sauna treatments available right in Exeter at Live Well Massage Therapy.
Dixie misses the constant interaction with students as she has worked as a para at Exeter-Milligan for the past 25 years and has been home since her diagnosis. She enjoys keeping up with all of the school activities on twitter.

The family really covets the prayers of the community at this time.  She has enjoyed a prayer shawl brought by local church members and uses it often. Faith is important to their family and especially important on this journey.

Through her journey Dixie has found her faith challenged but continually growing, “One of the most important protocols is you have got to be positive with this journey and it is vitally important keeping your mind set that this is the correct choice.  Having a personal relationship with the Lord has made this all possible.”.  

Dixie looks forward to returning to school and back in the classroom and on the playground with the kindergarten, first and second graders at Exeter-Milligan.

She asks for the communities support as she battles, “Prayers and supporting the pathway that we’ve chosen has been the staple that has led us through this journey we’ve been on.”   

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