Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Exeter-Milligan Update: Fifth Grade Science

5th Grade News by Sara Lincoln, Exeter-Milligan 5th grade teacher

As the year is winding down, the Fifth Graders are getting a little anxious, so to keep them engaged and interested in science, we created a few science experiments relating to the rock cycle and weathering.  The first experiment was with water and M&M's.  The students stirred one cup to show how weathering affected the M&M. The second one the students did was showing the different types of rocks; Metamorphic, Igneous, and Sedimentary.  They cut Starbursts into pieces and molded them together to show Sedimentary rock.  After they molded those together they pressed the Sedimentary rock until it was flat, creating a Metamorphic rock.  We then put one of them in the microwave to create an Igneous rock. The students really enjoyed this hands-on activity and learned so much while doing it.   

Pictured Front: Jozie Kanode and Cade Kresak
Back: Devon Tankersley, Marcus Krupicka, Chase Vnoucek, Olivea Swanson and Sophia Gilliam

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