Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Village of Exeter Chooses Demolition Company

By Leesa K. Bartu

After commencing with the minutes and bills the village board approached their full agenda on April 5 with member Mitch Schlegelmilch absent.

With several guests visiting again about blocks in the northwest section of the village there was a brief discussion on  which blocks should have gravel between North Empire Street,  Kiowa and North Boundary.  A resident in the neighborhood, Mike Hopkins, was present and requested that the entire two blocks be graveled.

Chairman of the board, Alan Michl noted that the city engineer reviewed the area and felt that was the proper way to do the project. Other neighbors in the area agreed with the blocks presented for surfacing. After asking if there was any discussion the board approved a motion to gravel the two blocks.

Also present at the meeting was Fillmore County Development Corporation Executive Director Patt Lentfer.  She reported to the board that FCDC will be applying for a housing grant again.  The grant will provide down payment assistance as well as rehabilitation funds.  This will be the third time the county has participated in this program. 

Lentfer reported that 27 homeowners took advantage of the program in the past and this time they are applying for $250,000.  “There is no money involved for the communities but we like to see an interlocal agreement.  We like to see them upgrade the quality of their homes.  These funds are not used for beauty but for efficiency and safety.  If they live in the home for five years they don’t have to pay the loan back because it becomes a grant.”

The Exeter Village board made a motion to participate in the housing program and the motion passed.
The board moved on to review the bids to demolish the tag factory,  Michl reported that there were “seven bids ranging from $167,000 to $447,000.  The low bid was from Brent Pankoke from Beaver Crossing.”

The board discussed several of the bids, the highest from Tiemann Construction out of Beatrice.  Michl noted that Tiemann will be doing the re-rocking project on the Milligan road.  Michl also reported that “I visited with the mayor of Friend, Jim Vossler, about the demolition job that Pankoke did for the city of Friend and they had no issues with him.”

The board discussed some of the bonding issues along with contracts and performance bonds that will go along with the project.  They also noted they would like to see an August first completion date, but vice-chairman of the board, Tim Wilbeck stated he would like for demolition to start after graduation.
Village Maintenance Supervisor John Mueller advised the board that asbestos testing would have to be completed prior to the start of demolition.

The board considered two bids, from Brent Pankoke and Wy Ad who bid $187,000.  One of their main concerns will be financing.  They also discussed ways to recoup the demolition costs down the road with revilatlization projects.

Board member Kathy Erdkamp expressed some concerns about the use of the adjacent senior center during the demolition.  Michl noted that they will visit with the contractor to ensure safety.

The board moved to accept Pankoke’s low bid which also included removal of the building adjacent to the village office.

Moving on, Michl invited Terry Meier from JEO, to share on the Exeter Revitalization plan.  Meier reminded the board about the revitalization meeting that was held on January  18 and reviewed the issues facing the community.  

The top four priorities that were recognized were to improve the asthetics downtown, a need for new homes and housing, a new village office, library and technology center and improved roads.

Meier presented a summary of the meeting that the village can use to develop a community action plan  JEO can assist in identifying potential resources that might be available to the community to help the goals happen.

The board adopted resolution 16-02 to approve the plan.

Mueller gave his maintenance report opening with information about the possibility of securing a grant to be used for water and sewer GIS tracking.  JEO has notified Mueller that the board may be eligible for a $10,000 grant to map the sewer and water system in Exeter with just $3700 in matching funds required by the village.  

Board member Justin Harre noted that it “Sounded like a pretty good idea.”

Mueller wasn’t sure that it would help him without gps equipment but when he found out the mapping includes measurements from telephone poles and other fixed objects he realized it would be very helpful.

After a brief discussion the board unanimously decided to apply for the grant.

Mueller also reported that he researched a trailer for the mini excavator the village is leasing with Fairmont.  He found one for $4725 for a trailer and noted, “I would prefer that we bought it so that we would own it and not split it with Fairmont.”  

Mueller presented the board with specs for the trailer and  Wilbeck made a motion to purchase the trailer.  The board approved the motion.

Michl  broached the next maintenance subject, a new pick up truck for the village.  He explained that Erdkamp motors recently received in trade a 2011 red Dodge half ton pick up with 8000 miles on it.  In discussion with the dealership they offered to trade the current village pickup in for the 2011 at a price of $20,000.  The current pickup is a 1997 which the village has owned since 2000.  “We have some money put away for a pick up, not enough.  We have talked about it in the past.   Kelly blue book shows about $25,000.  I am just laying it out there, if you want to do it that’s fine if not that is ok too. We have 115,000 miles on our truck,” explained Michl.

The board approved the motion to purchase a new the truck from Erdkamp motors with Kathy Erdkamp abstaining.

Clerk Becky Erdkamp presented the audit and reported that an insurance audit had gone well.  She also noted that sales taxfor January was $9426.41 and keno for February was $443.25.  

Exeter-Milligan Superintendent Paul Sheffield gave a brief update on the joint project building at the school.  He noted that the project is rolling along.  “We can’t get a certificate of occupancy until the sprinklers are all done and we are waiting on the gym.  That will be the biggest thing that holds up our certificate of occupancy. 

Before adjourning the meeting the board sent the next meeting for May 10th at 7 p.m.

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