Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Head to the Exeter Library to Declare your Right to Libraries

Libraries Change Lives Declaration in Exeter

The national Declaration for the Right to Libraries campaign has come to Exeter. The Declaration is an initiative of the American Library Association (ALA), aiming to build the public will and continuing support for America’s right to libraries.

In libraries across the nation – including the Exeter Public Library -- citizens have the opportunity to visibly declare the right to have thriving libraries in their community. Libraries have the power to change lives, and play a special role in rural communities. The opportunities for lifelong learning and strengthening families are only a few gifts libraries offer their communities.

The Exeter Public Library will display the Declaration for the Right to Libraries throughout National Library Week (April 12-18). Their goal is to obtain 100 signatures during this time. Whether you are a card-holding patron, or just passing through, your signature is valued by the library as a show of support. Help Exeter’s library reach its goal by adding your name to the Declaration.

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