Friday, April 17, 2015

Exeter-Milligan Update: Music Department News

The Exeter-Milligan music department, under the direction of Angie Murphy, has had a busy spring.  The elementary students presented their "Disney Daze" concert on March 10.  

Twenty-two students participated in the Crossroads Conference Honor Band and Honor Choir on March 23 at the Central City Performing Arts Center. The band played under the direction of Dr. Daniel Laing of Hastings College. Those playing in the band (* - indicates first chair medal winners) were:  Jordyn Brandt*, Ella Wilkins, Alexis Uldrich, Ashley Benorden*, Kaitlyn Vavra*, Madison Horne, Katherine White, Hannah Horne, Trystan Brandt*, Amber Pribyl, Trever Zelenka, Caitlin Murphy*, Haylee Sheffield*, Samantha Horne,  Nick Hayek, Patrick Murphy, Kirby Soukup, Jack Dinneen, and Janey Due*.  The choir sang under the direction of Miss Katie Burns.  Members of the choir were:  Katie Skinner, Ella Wilkins, Katie Moody, Alexis Uldrich, Andrew Dyer and Nick Hayek

The following day, March 24, was the MUDECAS Music Contest at Palmyra.  All 7-12 band and 9-12 choir members attended.  Receiving superior ratings at the contest were:  Ashley Benorden, vocal solo; Ashley Benorden & Ella Wilkins, vocal duet; Ella Wilkins, Katie Moody & Alexis Uldrich, vocal trio; Ashley Benorden, Samantha Horne, Haylee Sheffield, Katie Skinner & Ella Wilkins, miscellaneous vocal ensemble; Jordyn Brandt, flute solo; Jordyn Brandt & Ella Wilkins, flute duet; Jordyn Brandt, Ella Wilkins, Alexis Uldrich & Tara Mueller, flute quartet; Hannah Horne & Bailey Steuben, baritone saxophone duet; Trystan Brandt, trumpet solo; Amber Pribyl & Caitlin Murphy, brass duet; Haylee Sheffield, French horn solo; Caitlin Murphy, Haylee Sheffield, Samantha Horne & Josie Kresak, French Horn quartet; Jordyn Brandt, piano solo; Ella Wilkins, piano solo.  Receiving excellent ratings were:  Haylee Sheffield, vocal solo; Katie Skinner, vocal solo; Alexis Uldrich, vocal solo; Ella Wilkins, vocal solo; Katie Moody & Alexis Uldrich, vocal duet; women's choir; Brianna Beatham, bass clarinet solo, Patrick Murphy, trombone solo; and concert band.  Receiving good ratings were:  Andrew Dyer, vocal solo; and concert choir.

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