Friday, November 21, 2014

Exeter Village Board Approves War Monument

The Exeter Village Board met on Wednesday, November 12th covering a wide variety of topics.
After approving previous minutes and invoices the board moved right into the first item of business, an application for a liquor license from Greg’s Market.

Owner Greg Yound was present and noted that he was asking for the recommendation from the board for a class D license to sell beer and wine.  The board unanimously approved a recommendation for the license for Greg’s Market and noted that the application will now go to the State.

“Thank you for trying to improve your business,” board member Kathy Erdkamp expressed to Yound.
Brian Murphy, a member of the Exeter History Book Committee, was next on the agenda.  “It has been 10 years ago we did the history book and now with the profits from the book we would like to put up a five foot by three foot monument to honor veterans near the historical marker,” he explained.

“We would like to leave the (memorial) bench where it is now maybe put the monument in the same area (south of the fire hall on main street).”

After viewing a photo example of the monument and some possible placement options, chairman of the village board Alan Michl gave his approval, “This is in a main area where more people could see it.” 

The board gave verbal approval for the location and also for the size of the memorial.  Murphy thanked them and noted, “We will get the ball rolling and hopefully by Memorial Day of next year we will be able to have the monument dedicated.”

The board opened the sealed bids for excess equipment.  Up for bids were a dump truck, four-wheeler and pressure washer. The board approved Jason Oldehoeft’s bid for the dump truck and the bid from John Mueller for the four-wheeler.  

The bid for the pressure was lower than the board would accept, “It’s worth more than that in scrap,” noted Michl.

Village Maintenance Supervisor John Mueller reported that he had ordered new street signs.  He also noted that the toddler slide at the pool is losing it’s clear coat and will have to be refinished.  Mueller is exploring options for redoing the turtle.  He also informed the board the rest of the concrete work would be done in the spring.

Clerk Becky Erdkamp reported the total sales tax for August was $13,530.16 and keno receipts for September were $880.35. She noted that Elliot Erdkamp is making progress on creating a cement sidewalk around the brick sign at Gilbert’s Park as his Eagle Scout project. 

Erdkamp also related that Librarian Jessica Votipka has the library’s new computer up and running and has the electrical work done so that the public computer could be moved.  After setting the next board meeting for December 3rd at 7 p.m. the board moved to adjourn.

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