Thursday, November 20, 2014

Exeter-Milligan School Board Takes First Step Toward Building Project

The Exeter-Milligan School Board took another step closer toward a building project in their meeting Wednesday evening.

During the meeting the board approved Olsson and Associates as the firm to do a topographic site survey, the first phase towards an addition.

Superintendent Paul Sheffield noted that the survey should be done before the December meeting and they home to meet with Olsson and Associates soon after it is completed.  Further discussion on the building project show constructions estimates will take about 12 months once the plans are finalized.

Earlier in the meeting Sheffield updated the board on some new programs that the district will be involved with.  First on the list is the new physical education program called SPARK (Sports, Play and Active Recreation for Kids).  The P.E. department is implementing this program through a grant funded by the US Department of Education.  The program focuses on improving the health and fitness of children and has been shown to improve their standardized academic test scores.

Sheffield also noted that the school would be getting a weather station soon and would become the information hub for the Weather Bug app that is available online.  “We will be monitoring the weather station and the elementary can incorporate this project into their daily math meeting.”

The board briefly discussed contract negotiations and the committee decided to meet immediately after the board meeting.

Moving on to new business the board discussed offering several unnamed teachers a separation incentive program as an option.  Sheffield noted, “We didn’t offer any last year but we can look back at the packed we offered two years ago.  We usually get this done in January or February.”

Superintendent evaluations will be given in December.  Sheffield reported that his goals for this year were developed from the evaluation instrument from last year.

The next agenda item was the audit report which Sheffield informed the board was available both at Generations Bank in Exeter and also on the Exeter-Milligan website.

“Every year we get written up from one of the auditors.  There is one thing they would like to happen – one person that opens the bills, one that pays the bills and one double checks.  We do have a process Jackie opens and pays but I look at the bills and also a board member looks at the bills. So we still have that triple check in place just not how they see it,” explained Sheffield.

The board moved on to discuss the review of the junior high football coop with Friend.  Sheffield and Coach Brian Murphy met with the Friend Superintendent Moody and Coach Kraus.  “For the most part we thought it went well.  Friend would like to do a long term commitment four or eight years  I would be willing to do a two year,” reported Sheffield.

The board reviewed projected enrollment for both schools and noticed that Exeter-Milligan would not qualify to bring boys up from the sixth grade to play.  Murphy noted, “Friend was ok to come to practice in Exeter all the time.  Looking at a two year contract the practices would always be here but Friend would like some home games, too.”

Board member Jim Zeleny responded, “I think the season went well and I think two years is fine but I think if something ain’t broke don’t fix it.  They can come over here for practice but I think we need to play here, they are coming to us.”

Murphy added, “We need to look at our projections in a few years. We may need them in a few years. It worked great.  Instead of six kids knowing what’s going on we had nine or ten.”

Board secretary Annete Gloystein interjected, “If we are fair with them then they will be fair to us.”

Sheffield recommended the board postpone a decision. 

The board moved on to discuss some upcoming workshops and Sheffield congratulated newly elected and re-elected board members Adam Erdkamp, Kendra Jansky and Sharon Kuska.  On the election topic Sheffield noted his disappointed on the road bond failure.

The board excused member Tim Pribyl’s absence and set the next meeting for Monday, December 15 in Milligan at 7 p.m.

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