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Throwback Thursday: 9/29/2013


It was homecoming week at Exeter-Milligan.  The students celebrated the theme “Up, Up and Away.” 

The entire school dressed up with some fun costumes starting with throwback day on Monday.  Tuesday was twin day and on Wednesday each class from kindergarten to seniors were assigned a different color.  Thursday was costume day and of course, Friday was Spirit day.


Winners of the Spirit Cup challenge for hall decorations were first place to the ninth grade, second place  seventh grade and third place, eighth grade.


All of the Exeter-Milligan students came to the Exeter football field on Friday afternoon for the pep rally.  The cheerleaders planned the event and started with the senior football players.  The boys had to stack six unwrapped chocolate snack cakes on their heads and the first to balance them there won the contest. 


The Timberwolves defeated the Johnson-Brock Eagles 76-14 and after the game, the homecoming court was introduced.


Homecoming attendants were Freshmen: Sydney Hall and Cameron White, Sophomores: Marissa Howard and Sean Maxson, Juniors: Amber Pribyl and Dustin Axline  Seniors:  Duchess-Kylie Briske, Duke-Garett Pribyl,  Princess-Erica Yound Prince-Robert Harre, Queen-Brooke Manning, King- Nolan White. 


The Exeter-Milligan School Board and Exeter-Milligan Facilities Joint Public Agency(JPA) Board held a special meeting on Wednesday, September 25th at 8 p.m. in the band room.  The meeting was advertised as a discussion on the JPA project.


After School Board President Sharon Kuska opened the meeting, Superintendent Paul Sheffield presented a power point display looking at the different facts and figures behind the need the proposed new facility at Exeter-Milligan.


Sheffield explained that according to a facility study of the district “The Exeter site is 30,000 square feet under the recommended industry standard size for the student population.”


The study also determined “the specialized classrooms were undersized.”


After looking at the current facility and the facility study, the board developed some priority items, explained Sheffield.  


The updates to the current facilities and a $4.5 million addition are where the school board is currently looking to make some changes.  Included would be a remodel of the “small gym” which would become a fine arts facility, new locker rooms added while remodeling the old locker rooms, a new  competition gym that would seat 1,000 comfortably, a multi-purpose room connected to a wellness center along with a training room, new concession area and new P E coaches office.

Audience members were given the opportunity to write down their vote for, against or neutral on the project.  The board counted the votes and there were 16 yes, nine no and one neutral. The board met Monday, September 23rd in Milligan and the results from the straw poll there were eight yes, one no and one neutral.

The school board voted to delay on the project and appointed a committee to work with the administration to develop materials appropriate materials to take a poll among constituents and report back to the school board as soon as possible.


During their meeting September 23 the school board also voted to begin improvements on the field events for the track in Exeter.  They will be redoing the pole vault, long jump, high jump, discus area and also work to control drainage on the field.  Redoing the entire track has not been approved.


The Exeter-Milligan School Board and the Joint Powers Agreement Board have sent out a survey to all REGISTERED voters in the district about the proposed expansion project at Exeter-Milligan.  If you are not a REGISTERED voter you will not receive this survey.  If you receive one, please return it as soon as possible.

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