Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Three Hearts Dance Company to Film in Exeter

Nebraska native Lexie Bristol will bring her dance troupe, Three Hearts Dance, back to her home in Nebraska July 23rd thru 27th for a dual purpose.

The first part of the group’s trip will be spent in Omaha teaching dance classes at Girls, Inc. and The Hope Center for Kids where they will “talk about letting it go and moving their body.”

“We want them to find their passion.  We try to encourage them that they can do and be whatever they want to be.  It’s about giving them the space to be themselves and giving them the opportunity to do something freeing.” 

And while they are in the state, Three Hearts Dance will be in the Cordova area for the second part of their purpose, filming two dance videos.

The group, based in the Jacksonville, Florida area, has traveled before filming videos.  Their goal is “To create unique stories with scenic backgrounds.”

Traveling with Bristol are three other dancers and a videographer.  For the filming portion of their trip they will be joined by five dancers from Midland Lutheran.  They have been holding SKYPE rehearsals with the group from Midland.

In the two films titled, “Sowing” and “Reaping,” Bristol hopes to express the idea that we are “constantly sowing seeds and reaping the harvest of those in our lives.” 

The group uses Christian music to dance to and sees both of their purposes in Nebraska as part of their outreach effort.

Bristol doesn’t claim to know everything about actual farming but feels filming in her birthplace will enhance their production, “What better way to tell the story than on my grandfather’s farm.  I spent a lot of summers at my grandparent’s house and always wanted to create with the beauty and as well as be inspired by the landscape of Nebraska.”

They plan to film the two videos on July 25th and 26th in Exeter, Cordova and Friend. 

The two films will be featured at the dance troupe’s annual launch party followed by the online launch on their You Tube channel.  The release date has not yet been set.

Bristol, a graduate of Florida State College at Jacksonville in Dance is currently a director of dance at Jacksonville Day School.  The granddaughter of Kenny and Kack Due of Cordova, Norm and Monica Bristol of Exeter and Phil Gallup of Friend has made a living out of her passion, “Three Hearts Dance is my passion and my side job.”

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