Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Exeter-Milligan students learn about electricity

 Exeter-Milligan fifth graders learn all about electricity from Steve Gerken.  Above, they learn about the equipment that utility line workers use to keep them safe and below, they learn about how direct current works.

 Exeter-Milligan fourth graders think they know where a gfi outlet should be placed in their home.  Steve Gerken holds a gfi outlet and explains why and where one should be used.

Courtney VanSkiver presents Exeter-Milligan Principal Laura Kroll (right) with some materials to place in the Exeter-Milligan library to help educate students on the history and organization of public power companies and several videos on electrical safety including one on bus safety.

Exeter-Milligan third, fourth, fifth and sixth graders heard a presentation on electrical safety on Tuesday, Oct 3.  Representatives from Perennial Public Power Company in York brought out a bucket truck and safety equipment to demonstrate to the students.  The interactive presentation let the students see how electricity works but focused primarily on the safety aspects of their work.  The Perennial employees showed on their bucket trucks are made to insulate their employees against electrocution along with showing the students some of the safety gear they wear when working on the lines.  The students also got to see some of the tools the crews use to repair and maintain electric lines.  

In addition, the students learned about electrical safety in their homes.  Steve Gerken, a Perennial Public Power employee, explained to the students about the importance of ground fault interrupter outlets and the safe use of power strips.  The students also received information about what to do if they are in a car accident with a power pole or come across a situation where they come into contact with live current.

Perennial gave each student a goodie bag to emphasize electrical safety.

Also present was Perennial employee Courntey VanSkiver, who presented Exeter-Milligan Principal Laura Kroll with two books for the school library to help educate students on the history and organization of public power companies.  VanSkiver also presented two videos on electrical safety, one of which covered bus safety.

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