Sunday, October 30, 2016

Exeter-Milligan Foreign Exchange Student Anna Bettu

Anna Bettu has been planning her foreign exchange experience for the past four years.

She is already enjoying her school year at Exeter-Milligan with her host family, Allen and Carri Vavra and their three children.

Bettu was born in Brazil but now lives in Germany about 45 minutes from Stuttgart.

She waited until she was done with her schooling so that she wouldn’t have to worry about going back to it in Germany, “I already had all of my classes in Germany –this year is a refresher in English.”

Also in Bettu’s plans were lots of new experiences.  So far, she has found softball and band to be new and different for her as she just finished the season playing with the Fillmore Central/Exeter-Milligan softball team. She really enjoyed both, especially the encouragement that come from the other members of the groups.

At home in Germany, Bettu is an only child so she has especially enjoyed having siblings Kaitlyn, Andrew and Aidan Vavra.  She claims “It is very good to have siblings.  It’s so fun.  I am far from being homesick.  I do miss chocolate, especially full milk chocolate and dark chocolate.”

At home her Mom runs a butcher shop while in Brazil her dad farms andd he also has a brewery.

This month will be especially busy for Bettu as she is working on her applications to brewmaster school.  She hopes to be a brewmaster and will need to be accepted at a brewery first then she will attend three years at a brewer school in Germany.  After that she plans to continue her schooling in international business management.  

Now that fall is approaching Bettu is hoping that the mosquitos will leave with the colder weather as they seem to really be attracted to her. 
All in all Bettu is having a great year.  She hopes to improve her English and learn a lot about American culture to take back with her.

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