Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Foreign Exchange Student Hanna at Exeter-Milligan

Hanna Klose is having a great time as a foreign exchange student at Exeter-Milligan High School.
The junior, from Berlin, Germany is enjoying her host family, Paul and Karla Sheffield, along with their daughter, Haylee.

“I wanted to have the experience to learn about a different culture and improve my English.  I knew I was going to come to a small town I just didn’t know where.  It’s different and that’s good.”

Berlin with a population of 3.5 million is a far cry from the almost 600 in Exeter.

Adjusting hasn’t been too difficult for Klose, “I miss the noise of Berlin and my little brother and the traditional foods at home.”

Klose could say enough good about the school and the experience that she is having.  Participating in sports has brought a whole new perspective to the educational experience for her.

“I really love the sports in the school. The whole school is like one team.  It’s not just going to school,  you represent your school and your team.  I really like to be a part of a team.  It’s so important to everybody.  We get so much support.”

Klose has found the small town atmosphere to her liking as well.  “The people – they are all so nice and friendly,  Everyone is interested in your culture and where you come from.  And they want to know about you.”

Improving her English and understanding the way of life in America were Kloses’ two main goaIs in coming to American and she feels her English has already improved a lot.

The year in America won’t have a negative effect on her schooling either.  She is in a 13 year Spanish German School.  “Careerwise having the English will make a difference.  Today most of the people in Europe speak English and I want to go into fashion.  I love to travel too, so the English will help.”
The Sheffield’s plan to show Klose a little more of America with trips to Nashville and Phoenix in the works.  Her mother and stepfather along with her younger brother will visit in January and she hopes her Dad will get a chance to come later.

“My host family has made it very easy for me.  They don’t treat me like a guest.  They treat me like a daughter,” explained Klose.

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