Thursday, March 5, 2015

Exeter Public Library Hosts Art Show

The Exeter Public Library is currently hosting the GFWC Exeter Woman's Club Art Show.  Stop in and see the amazing work of local residents and Exeter-Milligan students.
This is a great month for a visit to the library.  For the third year in a row the library is participating in the Southeast Library System's "Library Madness" competition. 

 Much like the NCAA basketball tournament, it is bracketed. Library Madness pits area libraries against one another, seeing who can tally the most checkouts each week. The checkouts are calculated per capita, so that smaller libraries are not at a disadvantage. Exeter Public Library will be competing as the "Exeter Eagles". Competition begins Monday, March 9.

Art students participated in the GFWC local art contest. A judge from out of town came in to view
the pieces and selected the following students as winners! The selected students will have their piece on
display from until March 11 at the Exeter Public Library.
 The 1st place winning pieces will go on to be judged at districts on March 17th. Congratulations!
Elementary 1st place winners: Cohen Harre, Kiley Oldehoeft, Emma Meyer, Savana Krupicka, Jozie
Kanode, Peyton Pribyl and Jaiden Papik
Elementary 2nd place winners: Truman Milton, Logan Krupicka, Ayla Kahler, Taylor Pribyl, Jozie Kanode,
Briana Capek, Brock Steuben
Elementary 3rd place winners: RJ Clevenger, Brett Kallhoff, Kierra Papik, Amarah Carr, Sophia Gilliam,
Cameran Jansky, and Cammie Harrison
Best of Show: Savana Krupicka; 46
Best of Show: Jaiden Papik
Junior High 1st place winners: Kayla Geiger, Anna Sluka, (2)Nick Hayek, Caitlin Murphy, Peytan Brandt and
Ryan Sharp;
Junior High 2nd place winners: Caitlin Murphy, Ty Underwood, (2)Anna Sluka, Eli Johnson, Nick Hayek
Junior High 3rd place winners: Ryan Sharp, Jacy Schlueter, and Anna Sluka
Best of Show: Peytan Brandt
High School 1st place winners: (3)Claire Mounce, (2)Patrick Murphy, (2)Katie Moody,(2)Hannah Horne,
Chase Hansen, Kelsey Bigelow, Tara Mueller, Kyle Jindra, (5)Hailey Luzum, (4) Marietta Purtschert,
(3)Andrew Hansen, (4)Brianna Beatham, (10)Jordyn Brandt, (2)Sam Columbo
High School 2nd place winners: (2)Katie Moody, (2)Hannah Horne, (2)Tara Mueller, (2)Patrick Murphy,
Kayla Bonds, Claire Mounce, Kyle Jindra, Quinton Behrens, Evan True, (2)Andrew Hansen, (3)Marietta
Purtschert, Brianna Beatham, Sam Colombo, (3)Jordyn Brandt
High School 3rd place winners: Claire Mounce, (2)Hannah Horne, Katie Mounce, Chase Hansen, Patrick
Murphy, (2) Kelsey Bigelow, Andrew Hansen, Brianna Beatham, Marietta Purtschert, (2)Jordyn Brandt
High School Best of Show: Jordyn Brandt
Congratulations all who participated! I encourage you all to take a few minutes in the next couple of weeks
to go and look at the art on display. The youth worked hard to prepare their pieces to show and our local
GFWC as well as the Librarian has worked hard to present this show for you to enjoy.
*The numbers in parenthesis is how many times they won that place!

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