Friday, October 31, 2008

Junior Fire Patrol Graduates

The Exeter Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department again this October provided all local 5th graders the training necessary to become a member of the “Junior Fire Patrol”.
The program is offered each October to coincide with “Fire Prevention Week”. Because of the great success expressed by the parents, the kids and the instructors, the Exeter Department has offered this program for a number of years. The kids participated in a structured class to include written assignments and they experience hands on use of fire fighting equipment. Students in attendance at all meetings were especially acknowledged with certification as “Junior Fire Marshal’s”. The kids are taught many aspects of fire safety, fire prevention, home escape planning, home hazards, and basic first aid. Greg’s Affiliated donated cookie treats each class, FNIA donated class materials and Casey’s donated graduation pizza’s. The primary volunteer instructors for 2008 were: Hope Androyna, Assistant Chief - Tim Axline, Junior Fire Patrol Chairman - Edward Mark, Greg Yound, Chief - John Mueller, Rescue Captain - Alan Michl, Doug Papik and Rusty Ruhl. These volunteers for our children are what make small town life truly part of the “Nebraska Good Life.”

The 2008 graduate class:

Elliot Erdkamp, Janey Due, Spencer Papik, Brianna Beatham, Sean Maxson

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