Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Townships, Supervisors and Commissioners - What does this all mean to Fillmore County Residents?

This is the chance for all Fillmore County residents to voice their opinion on how they think the county should take care of their roads. A vote at the ballot box on Tuesday, will decide on whether or not to dissolve the 16 townships in the county.

This proposition was on the ballot in November of 1992 according to Fillmore County Clerk, Amy Nelson. According to Nelson, 2080 residents voted to continue the townships with 1178 to dissolve. Currently 27 counties in Nebraska operate under a township government but residents in Buffalo and Phelps County along with Fillmore will have the issue on the ballot in November.

Larry Biester, a member of the Geneva Township Board, has been an active voice in encouraging the supervisors to place the proposition on the ballot. He has served on the board for 21 years. “I have seen it when it really worked good and now it just doesn’t want to work,” said Biester.

The Exeter-Fairmont Township has also been running in the black mostly struggling with keeping members on the board and maintainers on the roads. Larry Cudaback, a member of the Exeter-Fairmont Township board repeated the thoughts of Biester claiming, “We spend a couple thousand dollars a year for insurance and the county already has that so it’s just a duplicate. Then the annual reports and audits and all takes quite a bit, too.”

Under the proposition Fillmore County Supervisors will become Commissioners in 2011 if the measure is passed.

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