Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fillmore County Antiques Road Show

The Fillmore County Antiques Road Show had something for everyone.
The event, sponsored by Fillmore County Senior Services, featured Tom Bassett, professional appraiser, out of Lincoln. He recently participated in similar event in Seward where Fillmore County Senior Services director Brenda Motis had the opportunity to review both Bassett and the program.

According to Motis, Bassett was impressed with the quality of items brought to the show. A few of the pieces were not worth a great amount of money, but as family heirlooms Bassett recognized that they were priceless.
The program went "amazingly well," according to Motis, "The support from not only the community of Exeter but the surrounding communities was wonderful. The success of the event is attributed to the support we received from local businesses serving as corporate sponsors, the Exeter and Milligan churches, Exeter Senior Center and Milligan Senior Citizen's Organizations all providing the pies and sandwiches for the food stand."
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