Friday, September 23, 2022

Exeter Village Board Passes Budget


The Exeter Village Board opened their budget hearing at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, September 13.  After a brief discussion on the budget with no public comment, the board looked at the three options presented.

The first budget option asks the residents for the same dollar request as last year, the second asks for the same levy rate as last year but the third splits the difference between the two options.

“In the scheme of things we have a $360,000 budget for a city?  We are trying to make ends meet on nothing,” explained Chairman Alan Michl. “We had a valuation increase but by state law we are only allowed to take two percent.”

The board opened the one and six year road plan hearing and discussed options for financing additional paving.  Board member Justin Harre suggested that when the pool bond is paid off more road paving could be bonded.

After closing the hearings the board opened their regular meeting with member Jim Anderson absent.  They approved the last meeting minutes and there were a few questions on invoices for the fire department that Clerk Becky Erdkamp explained will be reimbursed by the fire department.

After the invoices were approved the Resolution 22-01 to set tax requests was presented with option two which leaves the levy at the same level but with the higher property valuation there will be an increase of $28,862.00 in the budget.  The board (including Anderson) also voted to increase the levy by the allowable one percent.

The board approved the budget and also Resolution 22-02, the one and six year road plan as proposed.

Next up on the agenda was Fillmore County Senior Services Director Brenda Motis, who gave an update on the Senior Center.  She informed the board that the current Senior Center Advisory Board members are Dave Polak, Barb Jansen, Gary McBride, Sharon Dyer, Elaine Krejci and Diane Hanson.

The senior center recently changed getting their Tuesday meals from the Fairmont Senior Center to now Sweetwater Bar in Exeter. Motis noted they have seen a large increase in participants, “The meals are hot, great portions and delicious food.  People feel good about patronizing a local business.”

Motis briefly touched on the recent health inspector visit which the board had discussed at a prior meeting.  The quote Motis received from a local plumber was $10,000 to put the sink air gap in to meet the code.  “You can use a lot of plastic silverware for that amount,” Motis commented.

Currently the senior center is self-sustaining with a buedget around $11,000.  With the increase in attendance, Motis hopes to more with programming.

The board discussed a property in town that is going up for tax auction on September 19.  Board member Bob Mueller has done some research and found that the paving assessment on the property will not be paid from auction funds.

The board passed a motion to bid on the property to recover taxes and paving owed.

There was no marshals report.

Maintenance Supervisor John Mueller reported that the pool is drained and is looking for a leak in the main drain of the pool.  He also noted that it will need to be painted. 

Mueller completed the build up of north Main street and is working on a new permit for the lagoons, “They cut our ammonia limits in half again so there is no way we can meet those,” Mueller explained.

He added that the village will need to add an additional lagoon or look for a way to use the water in watering a crop.

Mueller added that the village mower is not working right now.  The company cannot get the parts that are needed. The board discussed the progress of the batting cages project but the 12’ fencing is not being produced right now so they are looking at alternatives. 

Clerk Becky Erdkamp reported sales tax for June was $13,699.61 and Keno funds for July were $361.20.

The board moved to go into Executive session at 8:20 to discuss personnel wages and returned at 8:35 p.m. The board approved five percent raises for the maintenance supervisor, clerk and librarians while chairperson and members will stay the same.

The board set the next meeting for October 4.

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