Sunday, August 7, 2022

Last week of Aquatic Center Open

 As the summer is coming to an end, so is our pool season. We have decided to stay open a couple more weeks! These will be our hours for the remainder of the days we are open. 

August 7th:Closed

August 8th: 12:30-5

August 9th: 12:30-5

August 10th: 12:30-5

August 11th: 12:30-4 (EM Open House 5-7)

August 12th: 12:30-5

August 13th: 12:30-5 

August 14th: 12:30-5 LAST DAY

From the pool staff:

We know 12:30-5 is not an ideal time for everyone, but we wanted to stay open that weekend before school started and this was the only way we could due to being short staffed. Thank you all for understanding and thank you for a great summer!

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