Sunday, August 7, 2022

Exeter Days - Parade

Saturday's parade had lots of entries with tons of candy and goodies to pass out.

Beth Ruhl and her children, Matthias and Gwen, stand next to the wagonload of candy that they picked up from the parade. 

Above-The American Legion and Sons of the Legion members led the parade with the flags.

Below – Jameson Trauger, of Exeter, sang the National Anthem and was the announcer for the Exeter Days Parade.

Sara Pella, who orchestrated much of what happened at Exeter Days, jumped out of her husband, Jordan’s, Nebraska State Trooper car and passed out stickers and goodies on the parade route.

Aidan Vavra and his driver, Mikey Bartu, tossed out candy and hats on the parade route for Horizontal Boring.

In the backseat Braxton Harre and cousin Kollin Harre throw out candy for Harre Seed and Supply along with Paige Harre in the front seat and Logan Harre, driving.
Above - Carter Milton drives his grandma Lorri Milton through the parade route in their red corvette.

Below – The Exeter-Milligan volleyball team had a blast on their float soaking those on the route and sharing schedules and goodies.

 The Exeter Public Library passed out huge popsicles during the parade route.


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