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Throwback Thursday 03/11/2012




Casey Pohl’s 3rd graders at Exeter-Milligan have been busy painting pictures to display at the elementary spring concert.  The theme of the program is My Favorite Things.  The 3rd grade has followed a style of painting from Andy Warhol.  The students were asked to pick either their favorite candy or favorite sport to paint to put on display.


The Exeter-Milligan High School quiz bowl team placed first in the 2012 CRC quiz bowl meet.  Shickley hosted the CRC meet on February 15.  Exeter-Milligan started in round 1 against Bruning-Davenport with a win of 65-0. In round 2 we defeated Osceola with a score of 50-0.  We moved into round 4 against Cross County and won 35-15. In round 5 against Shelby-Rising City, we won with a score of 35-10. This set us up for the championship round against Shelby-Rising City again with a win by a narrow margin of 40-35. This meet is a double elimination tournament with twelve teams from the Crossroads Conference. Exeter-Milligan went undefeated to bring home first place.

The Exeter-Milligan team consisted of Taylor Erdkamp, Erica Yound, Quinten Loontjer, Becca Vossler, Blake Papik, and Michael Schoop,. The students were also awarded first place medals.


Six students attended the first ever Harvard Math Day on Saturday, February 25. Those students attending were Quinten Loontjer, Jennifer Pribyl, Becca Vossler (top Photo), Erica Yound, Taylor Erdkamp, and Felix Ochsenfeld (our foreign exchange student from Germany). 



Mr. Jackson Krejci's Math 8 class at Exeter-Milligan is currently using the OdysseyWare Math program to work on a variety of skills.  They skills they are currently working on include percents and long division and will soon work with a new website:  This is more of a computer math game where they can review their math skills.


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