Monday, March 21, 2022

Exeter-Milligan Update: Science


There is a lot going on in Ms. Lorie Sliefert’s science room at Exeter-Milligan  this semester.  The 6th grade class is studying energy and energy transfer.  Last unit we made toys to demonstrate different types of potential and kinetic energy.  This unit we will design a heat shield to protect our crew ( a candy bar) from the heat of re-entry into the atmosphere (modeled with a hair dryer).   The 7th graders are studying the History of Life on Earth.  We made fossils and are using fossil evidence to explain changes in life over time.  The 8th grade class is starting their chemistry unit.  We explored the differences between physical and chemical properties and looked at the structure of the atom.  They are just finishing up make a model of atoms of different elements.  The Biology II students are working their way through the different organ systems.  We looked at the cardiovascular system where we dissected a sheep heart and just finished the respiratory system where we measured their lung capacities.  The Zoology students are studying the different types of vertebrates.  We finished our fish chapter where we dissected a dogfish shark, a skate, a stingray , and a perch.  This chapter we are studying the amphibians where we dissected a bullfrog.  The students really enjoy the hands-on learning experiences going on in class. 


pictured are some of the 6th grade students and their energy model.

L-R: Titus Petersen, Addison Foutch, Madison Oliva, Ensley Stahl, Brogan Staskal, Natalie Meyer, Deacon Erdkamp and Clayton Pribyl.

pictured is senior Cameran Jansky dissecting a bullfrog


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