Thursday, March 8, 2018

Exeter-Milligan Fifth Grade Class

Exeter-Milligan fifth graders pause in their afternoon for a picture.  Front row from the left are Kierra Papik, Emma Meyer and Landen Soice.  Behind from the left are: Joleen Vossler, Mrs. Brooke Soukup, Jayden Capek, Aidan Vavra, Carter Milton, Mikey Bartu, Liberty Johnson and Ayla Kahler.

There are ten students in the fifth grade classroom of Mrs. Brook Soukup at Exeter-Milligan.

The five boys and five girls are very competitive.  According to Soukup, “If I change anything into a game or competition they go all in and (for the most part) they have good sportsmanship.”

One of the regular classroom jobs is Telecare.  For two weeks one student takes a few moments out of their morning and will call older residents of the community to see if they are okay or if they need anything.  The students make about six phone calls each morning.

This program began before Soukup began teaching at Exeter-Milligan but she has continued it because it has provided valuable lessons for the fifth graders.  “Through telecare, I feel that the students are learning respect for their elders.  Because they have to be consistent in their phone calls each morning to people who are depending on their call, they are also learning responsibility.  I believe that they are both benefiting from having interaction with a different generation, which might not happen for them without this program.”

To reaffirm some of the language lessons the fifth grade class is learning they have “created an interactive binder for concepts in writing, like the different parts of speech and figurative language (metaphors, personification, similes, etc.),” according to Soukup.

In science, Soukup explained, they have been busy learning about rocks and are doing a lot of “small experiments and “quick labs.”’  

This past week they did a quick check on the air quality at the Milligan campus using notecards and petroleum jelly.

Jayden Capek (left) gets some advice from his teacher Mrs. Brooke Soukup on finishing his adverb worksheet.

 Kierra Papik reviews her adverb worksheet

 Carter Milton  finishes cutting the pieces for his worksheet

(L-R) Kierra Papik, Liberty Johnson and Aidan Vavra discuss the coloring strategy for a silly picture they drew in language.

Aidan Vavra (left) and Carter Milton (right) punch holes in their adverb worksheets to add to their grammar notebooks.

 Emma Meyer works on her adverb paper.

Joleen Vossler cuts and pastes adverbs onto her worksheet.  The worksheet gives the students a good grasp of the grammar term including examples, when to use them and then the students write a sentence containing the proper grammar as a personal guide.

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