Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Exeter-Milligan School Board Meets

Vice President Tim Pribyl opened the November 8 Exeter-Milligan School Board meeting in the absence of President Sharon Kuska.

Board Member Kendra Jansky gave the treasurer’s report. Board member Kendra Oldehoeft reviewed the bills and the board approved the consensus agenda.

Next on the agenda was curriculum reports.  Superintendent Sheffield introduced the various committees and gave them the floor.

Mr. Marr, chair of the safety committee started the narrative,  “Our goal is to look at and assess if there are any safety concerns whether in the classroom or on the playground.  We are still working our way through the high school.  Our goal is to work our way down to the elementary and then go to Milligan.”

Next was the crisis team committee with chair school counselor Denice Kovanada noted they are the only “committee you hope you never have to have.”

She reported on a recent workshop they attended that featured Dr. John Dudley.

The data committee gave their report next.  According to Chair Katherine Smith, “We look at student data and all other data. . .Our goal is to collect data to support our improvement goals in writing and writing across the curriculum. We just finished creating a rubic for all teachers to use.”

Curriculum and technology chair Shelli Mueller explained that they are monitoring technology and both hardware and software options.  The committee is watching to make sure decision making processes are in place.  

Lisa Soukup, chair of the wellness committee, explained that they are observing the overall physical and mental health of staff and students. According to Soukup, this committee started with the Physical Education Program (PEP) grant the district received several years ago.

Currently the committee is “Working with the staff.  We are trying to get them on board with the whole wellness thing. We hope to get them on board and then students,” explained Soukup.

Right now students in the lower elementary are wearing fitness bands during the school day to track their steps, according to Soukup.  They hope to focus on the social and mental health with the high school and especially focus on issues such as less screen time before bed.

The agenda listed policy review next and the board and Sheffield briefly discussed the policy concerning a drug free workplace before moving to old business. 

Sheffield explained that the general contractor had visited the Exeter site that day and reviewed some issues that need to be fixed before the school remits the final payment.  Also, the sewer issues at Milligan will be addressed over the Christmas holiday.

Sheffield also reminded the board that Superintendent evaluations will be need to be completed online by December 4.  

Also under old business Sheffield noted that the paperwork for the football coop with Friend is on the agenda for the November 9 NSAA meeting.  He reported the team will be called the Bobcats with colors of black and silver.  The coaches and athletic directors will meet with some of the students to review some uniform samples before ordering new uniforms.

Discussion on the dual option insurance was held.  Sheffield reported that eight staff members have chosen to go to the higher deductible with their premium difference being deposited into a Health Savings Account.  The board approved appointments to be made in January and September into the HSA accounts.

Under new business Sheffield briefly touched on the separation incentive program and the 2016-2017 audit reports.

After approving unpaid leave for a teacher, the board discussed several upcoming events before scheduling the December board meeting on Wednesday,  December 13 in Milligan at 7 p.m.

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