Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Exeter Village Board Discusses Roads and Wells

By Leesa K. Bartu

The Exeter Village board held their meeting Tuesday with vice chair Tim Wilbeck absent.
After quickly approving the previous months minutes and invoices the board moved on to the rest of the agenda.

Clerk Becky Erdkamp explained the report she had given the board members the reviewed the 16-17 fiscal year.  She is preparing for the annual audit and offered to break down the categories further if needed.

After answering a few fiscal questions, the board welcomed from Tom Krueger JEO to discuss the street project. Michl introduced two of the amendments to the contract “These are what we have talked about.  This is within our scope of work and the dollars are in that.”

“There are two proposals, one for the streets and one for downtown,” according to Michl, “Both of these projects will be going simultaneously so there’s no reason we can’t save some money.”

The board approved both of the amendments to the contracts.

Krueger presented the one and six year road program to the board and noted that the road programs are funded out of the state gasoline tax and the motor vehicle tax.

“Exeter received $91,000 last year and you have to match 25% of it. These funds have to be used for anything in the street right away. Anything connected with your streets you use the money for.”

The board updated the one and six year road project to reflect the upcoming street project.

The board briefly discussed the possibility of a new office and library building.  Michl noted, “We have to decide if we want to proceed.”

The board did not make any decisions about proceeding.

Maintenance Supervisor John Mueller reported that pump tests on the well revealed that the bearings are going out on the 2004 well.  “If we are going to pull the well it’s a good time to do everything else as well. You can’t turn the pump by hand any more,” he explained.

The board discussed options for financing the well repair.  Michl asked Mueller to talk to Sargaent to find out the urgency of the repair. “If we could wait until March that would be great,” Michl noted.

Mueller reported they have a few more items to move inside to be ready for winter.

Clerk Becky Erdkamp noted that she has all the info ready for the upcoming audit. She also reported all the keno reports are done and the keno has been transitioned to the new manager.  August sales tax figure was $7670.96 and keno for September was $1494.69.

The board set the next meeting for Thursday, December 7.

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