Thursday, March 17, 2016

Exeter-Milligan Update: Spanish Update

by Haley Stutzman, Exeter-Milligan Spanish Instructor

We are just getting ready to begin the 4th quarter. It seems as though this school year has been flying by! In Spanish 1 class, we are currently learning the names of family members and how to describe your family. I always enjoy this unit because it gives me the opportunity to learn more about the students’ families. They have just completed a project where they each made their own celebrity family trees. I think they really enjoyed that project because they were able to use their creativity. They are also beginning their very first novel in Spanish. It’s always exciting to see the gains that the beginning Spanish students make their first year learning the language. I’m hoping this last quarter of the year is the most successful one yet!
pictured are Eric Olsen and Kaitlyn Vavra working on their family tree project.

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