Saturday, April 2, 2016

Exeter-Milligan Fifth Grade Classroom

Exeter-Milligan’s fifth grade classroom has just eight students but they make the most of their opportunities to have new experiences.

Each week one fifth grader is responsible for the Telecare program.  This has been a project for the fifth grade classroom for a number of years.  Each school day, the fifth graders call senior citizens in Milligan and Exeter and spend a few minutes checking in with them.

According to teacher Miss Sara Lincoln, “This program benefits the fifth graders in many ways.  The fifth graders learn phone etiquette, responsibility for calling each week, and they practice caring for others and building those relationships.”

And the benefits go both ways as the seniors have someone to check in on them each day.  “The fifth graders calling the seniors is sometimes the only contact many of them may have each day so  hearing from the fifth graders really makes their day,” explained Lincoln.

The class has had the opportunity to have breakfast with their senior citizen friends once this year and will invite them into the classroom again before the school year is over.

Having such a small class is unique but Lincoln has enjoyed it, especially because, “they each have such different personalities.”

The students are just starting to study the Revolutionary War in Social Studies and will be learning about history through a play they will get to perform.  The students may say that the best part of the day for them is for recess or PE but, Lincoln, sees things a little differently,  “I think they have enjoyed the science experiments and different activities we do with our Science and Social Studies lessons.  They really enjoy these hands-on activities.”

Lincoln will be teaching first grade at Exeter-Milligan next year.

 Marcus Krupicka, an Exeter-Milligan fifth grader, focuses on a math problem.

Above - The Exeter-Milligan fifth grade class used a combination of their math books, writing with dry erase markers on their desk tops, the white board and the smart board during their math class.

Below - The Exeter-Milligan fifth graders are pretty smart.  Pictured front row from the left: Marcus Krupicka, Jozie Kanode, Cade Kresak.  Back row from the left:  Olivea Swanson, Sophia Gilliam and Chase Vnoucek.  Missing from the picture were Gabe Jindra and Devon Tankersley.

The Exeter Milligan fifth grade class from the far left:  Chase Vnoucek, Marcus Krupicka, Cade Kresak, Miss Sara Lincoln, Sophia Gilliam, Olivea Swanson and Jozie Kanode.

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