Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Exeter-Milligan Update: Second Grade Book Clubs

Ayla Kahler, Jayden Capek, Melissa Capek, Joleen Vossler

Kierra Papik, Melanie Papik, Carter Milton and Emma Meyers

Carri Vavra, Paul Sheffield, Liberty Johnson, Mikey Bartu, Aidan Vavra (back to camera)

2nd Grade Book Club at Exeter-Milligan by Marla Weber

With the popularity of book clubs for adults, it's no wonder that children are excited about book clubs, too. Each month, second graders at Exeter-Milligan Public Schools meet for book club. The first monthly book club sessions were led by the teacher, Mrs. Marla Weber; modeling the type of questions to encourage participation. October marked a new change for the second grade book club. The class was divided into three groups and a moderator was appointed for each group. The moderators met ahead of time to discuss questions to ask their group. Moderators also invited one of their parents to attend. Students, and parents in attendance, came prepared for book club by reading the book at home. This month’s book was a historical fiction, Kate Shelley and the Midnight Express. The students were impressed with Kate’s bravery in this story. Book club was held during lunch. Students and their parents met in the classroom to eat and informally discuss their favorite parts of the story. Mr. Sheffield, superintendent of Exeter-Milligan, also participated in this month’s book club. Following discussion, a brief YouTube video was shown; re-enacting part of this story. The class decided to continue the new format of student-led discussions. Next month, new moderators will be appointed

Capekgroup – Ayla Kahler, Jayden Capek, Melissa Capek, Joleen Vossler

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