Saturday, November 15, 2014

Exeter-Milligan Update: New SPARK Physical Education Program

Exeter-Milligan is excited to be involved in the Carol M. White PEP Grant funded by the U.S Department of Education.  Through this grant E-M will have the opportunity to improve physical activity opportunities and learning, and increase the promotion of healthy food choices.  E-M students are being challenged to learn new ways to approach physical education classes and add physical activity to their regular schedule.

In Mrs. Darcy White’s Physical Education classes, students have been using activities from the new SPARK Physical Education program.  The SPARK (Sports, Play, and Active Recreation for Kids) program is research-based and strives to improve the health of children and promote lifelong wellness.  SPARK research has shown that students who participate in at least three 30-minute SPARK PE classes each week do as well or better than others on standardized academic test scores.

 In this photo, sophomore students are participating in the PACER event. PACER is an assessment that measures aerobic capacity.  It is progressive in nature and helps students of all ages learn how to “pace” themselves while performing aerobic activities. 

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