Thursday, October 23, 2014

Exeter-Milligan Update: Mrs. Myers Reading Group

The school year has started out strong with Kara Myers’ MVP (Most Valuable Player) Language Group.  They have had some hard "practices" learning about verbs, nouns, and pronouns.  They also have been working on writing paragraphs by describing pictures and using lots of detail.  They have "tackled" the hard conventions such as capitals, periods, and even quotes and have done an amazing job!  "Coach" Kara Myers is proud of her "players".  Each time they "win" by doing a great job on a paragraph, they are "eligible" to sign the MVP Wall.  We are proud to announce, we have 23 names so far!  Pictured standing in front of the MVP Wall are MVP's Jozie Kanode, Taylor Pribyl, Tyler Due, Andrew Vavra, Draven Payne, Trenton Vossler, Devin Harrison, and Josh Meyer.

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