Monday, September 29, 2014

Exeter-Milligan Wins Battle of the Touchdowns

Exeter-Milligan and Giltner had a touchdown contest Friday night in Milligan. Exeter-Milligan came out on top with the win 76-62. Dalton Zelenka (#36) and Dusty Axline (#1) teamed up to take down Giltner quarterback #13 Ben Hinrichs.  Timberwolf Cameron White #48 is coming to assist.

Exeter-Milligan quarterback Sam Zeleny keeps the ball and heads to the end zone with Giltner’s #7 Corey Hoelck, #50 Noah Mitchell and #13 Ben Hinrichs gunning for him.  Timberwolf Brody Kresak #51 is getting in to the mix to help Zeleny.

Giltner’s #12 Trevor Phillips doesn’t make much forward progress with Timberwolves Dalton Zelenka (#36), Jarrett Maxson (#4) and Dusty Axline (#1) there to stop him.

Exeter-Milligan’s Derek Luzum (#82) makes another key tackle on  the Hornet’s #13 Ben Hinrichs.

Exeter-Milligan’s Jarrett Maxson (#4) heads for the loose Giltner ball while Giltner’s #6 Justin Joyce and #2 Christian Leichty try to recover.  Also in the frame for the Timberwolves is Derek Luzum.

 The Luzum brother's taking care of business.
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