Friday, May 16, 2014

Exeter-Milligan Update:eBook Library at Exeter-Milligan

Olivea Swanson, Marcus Krupicka and Cade Kresak are shown reading ebooks on their school issued iPads.

Olivea checking over the available ebooks on the Magic Wall.  

eBook Library is Here for EMPS! By Lisa Soukup, E-M Media Specialist

Exeter-­Milligan Public Schools has joined a consortium to purchase eBooks for our students. In December, some staff and a few students were able to pilot the project. January, all other students were able to acquire a username and password to access the eBooks. Several 7-­12 students are able to use their iPods, iPads or phones to access and read the books.

The elementary are using their iPads to read the eBooks in school. Each student 2-­6 has their own username and password and during library or free time they read their books. Kindergarten and First Graders are reading eBooks on their iPads but the teachers are checking the books out for them. The eBooks give our students the opportunity to utilize their iPads in a new way. Make sure you ask your child about the eBooks and the Magic Wall.

Summer reading is important and encouraged for all students K-­12. To help keep your child reading, have them check out the Magic Wall and see what books are available. If you want your student’s user-­name and password to keep them reading during the summer just follow the steps below.

1. Download BLIO on the device you plan to use for reading the E-­books.
2. Email me @  to get your child’s user-­name and password for the Magic Wall and BLIO
3. Check out an eBook-­ Click the appropriate link below to check out a book. The first time you will be asked to link your eBook reader software (BLIO) to your library account.
4. Happy Reading!
High School Magic Wall http://esu6hs.axis360.baker-­

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