Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Exeter Senior Center Hosts Senior to Senior Breakfast

“The idea met with some resistance 11 years ago when it was presented,” explained Fillmore County Senior Services Director Brenda Motis, “but now it’s something that everyone looks forward to.”
Motis refers to the annual Senior to Senior breakfast that the Exeter Senior Center sponsors for the Exeter-Milligan graduates and their grandparents.
Each year, they serve a breakfast of rolls, egg casseroles and fruit to the senior before their graduation practice along with any of their grandparents they wish to invite.
This year 16 of the 17 graduating seniors from Exeter-Milligan were present at the breakfast along with over 35 of their grandparents.
The graduating seniors are asked to introduce themselves and tell about their future plans before introducing their grandparents.
After the introductions, Motis noted that this class has already “all has great plans and has already had great success in the athletic field while students at Exeter-Milligan.”
Motis shared the top 10 things she thought a graduate should know before introducing the Advisory board of the Exeter Senior Center and reading the names of those who volunteered to help make the breakfast possible.
She reminded the graduates that “As you go out in the world know that we are thinking of you, we are interested in what you are doing and you always have a link back to the Exeter and Milligan communities.”
Meghan Miller and Blake Papik won the door prizes donated by the senior center and centerpieces were won by Preston Motis, Malinda Hall and Lane Strate.

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