Thursday, May 16, 2013

Exeter-Milligan First Graders Visit Exeter Senior Center

Part of the first grade class present their play to their Senior Center “grandparents.” Pictured from the left are Tyler Due, Trenton Vossler, Savana Krupicka, Andrew Vavra, Savannah Horne, Troy Kallhoff and Josh Meyer.

Exeter-Milligan First Graders have spent quite a few afternoon’s this year visiting their Exeter Senior Center “grandparents.”  It has been a great opportunity for both the students, as they had an eager listening audience as they read, but it also gave the Senior Center “grandparents” time to enjoy some great kids.  For their end of the year celebration the first graders presented several plays to the seniors on Wednesday, May 8th.  Their final number was all about the Statue of Liberty.  Afterwards they visited with their “grandparents” about their summer plans.

Troy Kallhoff shares his summer plans with one of the Senior Center “grandparents,” Roma Rhodes.

Taylor Pribyl shares her summer plans with one of the Senior Center “grandparents,” Elva McBride.

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