Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Fillmore County Barn Quilts

These barn quilts are on Elmer & Linda Hessheimer's building on North 1st Street in Geneva.

The Fillmore County Visitors Committee announces that a Barn Quilt page has been added to the visitors website,  Currently there are 10 Barn Quilts pictures posted as well as where they are located. 

The Fillmore County barn quilts are also posted on a national website site and on Facebook.  The Barn Quilt committee continues to find people who are interested in building a barn quilt to display on a barn or other out building at their farmstead or yard.  Several more should be ready by the end of the summer.

There seems to be groups of people who really enjoy viewing barn quilts and will travel to see them.  The Fillmore County Visitors Co and the Barn Quilt Co. plan to develop a barn quilt trail to attract visitors to the County. 

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