Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Exeter-Milligan Update: Science Happenings

Science Happenings at Exeter-Milligan by Matt Nicholas

As spring is now in full swing and summer is right around the corner, we take a look outside at the wonders that mother nature has provided us with. However, there are many of us that take our planet for granted and do not respect our mother earth. In the 8th grade class room this spring, we are looking at ways to make our planet a better place. We have been saving organic material from the lunch room and collecting it in a compost heap. Our recent study of how soil was made sparked this activity. The students enjoy going outside to collect organic materials as well as to investigate how our compost is breaking down. We intend to use this natural fertilizer around some of the trees on school property. It is my hope that showing the students how to compost at school will translate to composting at home. Instead of throwing away all of the orange peels, egg shells, lettuce scraps, and apple cores, you can easily create rich fertile soil to spread on your garden at home. Our composting is only one of many ways to more effectively use all of the resources that our planet has to offer. Water and fuel conservation are just a few others. If you need any other good ideas about how to save energy and resources, just ask one of your local E-M 8th graders. Tell them Mr. N. sent you.

pictured is the 8th grade with their project: Elliot Erdkamp, Sam Zeleny, Jack Dinneen, Kirby Soukup, Spencer Papik (partially hidden), Brayden Olsen, Hunter Worrell, Janey Due, Jaret Clift, Marissa Howard, Brianna Beatham (head down) Alexis Trauger and Sean Maxson (hands full of compost).

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