Friday, April 30, 2010

25th Annual Arbor Day Baby Celebration

The Exeter G.F.W.C. Arbor Day Celebration was held on Friday, April 30th. Each new baby in the last year from the original Exeter school district was honored at the event. Those present are pictured from the left in the front row, Tawnya Ostrand holding son Brayden, Becky Erdkamp holding son Deacon, Beth Crawford holding granddaughter Addison Ann Foutch (daughter of Clinton and Ashby Foutch). In the top row from the left are Sharlene Harre holding son Cohen, Liz Kallhoff holding son Wil and Rachel Vossler holding son Joel.

Superintendent Paul Sheffield had some help planting the tree at the school grounds. Assisting him are from the left Trenton Vossler, Aaron Ostrand, Mikey Bartu, Cohen Harre and his Mom, Sharlene.

Superintendent Paul Sheffield had some help planting the tree at the school grounds. Assisting him are Aaron Ostrand, far right and Mikey Bartu, middle.

Woman's Club Member Suzanne Johnson presents Rachel Vossler with flowers, a tree and other gifts in honor of her son, Joel's, birth. Standing beside Rachel is her oldest son, Trenton.

For 25 years the Exeter G.F.W.C. Woman's Club has welcomed all newborn babies to the Village of Exeter. This year, the 25th, since it's inception was a wonderful celebration with gifts, congratulations and tree plantings.

After a welcome from the Exeter club's co-president Bonnie Cudaback, member Bethine Leif introduced some of the special guests.

The babies were officially welcomed as members of the village community by Village Board member Margaret Petro. She read a proclamation that was signed by Village Board Chairman Alan Michl, recognizing Arbor Day in Exeter.

Next the Exeter-Milligan Superintendent Paul Sheffield reminded the families to watch for developmental progress in the babies and to contact the school with any questions in development or if they need assistance. He emphasized the fact that "our school is your school. I am a firm believer in starting early if you notice something is not quite right."
Finally, he welcomed all, "We look forward to adding all the little Timberwolves to our family."

Bethine Leif, who also served as the MC for the event, gave a brief history of the 25 years of the event. She explained how member Marilyn Manning thought of the idea 25 years ago and how it was implemented. Bethine also noted how many of the trees that were distributed have now grown very large and gave examples of some of the trees in the village that were Arbor Day trees.

Member Suzanne Johnson gave a brief history of Arbor Day in Nebraska and J. Sterling Morton. She explained how Arbor Day is one of the few holidays celebrated that "proposes toward the future."

Next on the program was Jill Schmidt of Fillmore County Good Beginnings who presented each family with a nursery rhyme book and a W.H.A.L.E. packet. The W.H.A.L.E. packets has stickers which when placed on a child's carseat help properly identify the child in the case of an accident.

The honored babies and their mothers were presented with a packet of flowers to be planted, an envelope of proclamations, a book, a tree and a personalized wood heart to be attached to the babies tree.

After posing for photos the group headed to the school grounds where a tree was planted with a small bottle containing the names of all of the babies and their parents.

The new babies in Exeter this year were:
Cohen William Harre, son of Justin and Sharlene Harre
Joel Frank Vossler, son of Wayne and Rachel Vossler
Deacon Jeffrey Erdkamp, son of Adam and Becky Erdkmap
Addison Ann Foutch, daughter of Clinton and Ashley Foutch
Wilfrid Daniel Kallhoff, son of Dan and Liz Kallhoff
Sydney Nicole Engert, daughter of Cory Engert and Brandi Nichols
Brayden Michael Ostrand, son of Steve and Tawnya Ostrand

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