Friday, April 30, 2010

Exeter-Milligan School Update

New Technology in Special Education


Anita Mueller, E-M Special Education Teacher

The Exeter-Milligan special education department has purchased some Livescribe Smart pens/notebooks for the students to use in their education classes. The 4GB Smart pens have an infrared camera, built in speaker, microphone, and need to be used with special dot matrix notebook paper. If you tap on one of the words in your notes or drawing with the tip of the Smart pen it will play back the recorded audio from that point in your notes. You can connect the Smart pen to your computer to transfer the audio and notes to the computer. There is a program that will also convert the ink into text. One of the students has been using it for notes in a history class and he says that it is great for when he misses some of the notes in a lecture, he can go back and listen to the lecture and fill in what he missed.

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