Monday, February 22, 2010

Exeter-Milligan School Update

Mrs. Myers' reading group is proud to announce their
graduation from Signatures 1. They started their journey
long ago in August and worked hard to get this far. They
toiled day after day learning new words and reading 185
words per minute in less than 2 minutes! It has been a long
road, but they have enjoyed every minute of it. They have
now started the next series, Signatures 2. They are very
excited and are becoming more independent. They each have
their own textbooks (complete with questions), workbooks,
and notebooks. Each day they work hard to complete one
lesson in 90 minutes, which is usually pretty easy for this
crew. They have also learned how to be the "teacher"
and check their own papers. Each day is packed full of
learning new words and reading longer stories that are
filled with information including such subjects as Math,
Science, and Social Studies.

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