Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Exeter-Milligan School Update

Mrs. Audrey Betka-Mager's Sig. 1 reading group is learning
that reading is fun!  These eager to learn students complete
one to two lessons per day in Reading and Spelling in
Exeter-Milligan's Reading Mastery program.  Each day, they
learn some new vocabulary words and review words learned
earlier in the week.  Then they read a variety of stories at
their level and complete comprehension worksheets following
each reading.  Every 5 lessons, they have a check-out to
determine the speed and accuracy of their reading.  They are
working hard and enjoying learning to read! Those students
are: Alivia Hartmann, Cameran Jansky, Emma Olsen, Briana
Capek and Braden Capek.

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