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Throwback Thursday 3/23/2014



Exeter-Milligan Senior Logan Zeleny signed with Central Community College on Wednesday, March 26th.  Zeleny will play catcher this fall as the Columbus catcher.

The Applied Science class has been studying Siege Machines and each student has built model catapults.   By varying the projectile size and tension used to power the catapult, they investigated how far the projectile traveled.   They also made trebuchets, shown in the picture.   They calculated how much mass they need in order for the projectile to hit a wall that was placed a set distance away.

Exeter-Milligan students were invited to select their artwork to compete in the Exeter GFWC Woman's Club Art competition.  The winners of this competition were taken to the district GFWC competition in Seward.  
Second Grade Savana Krupicka 1st Place
Seventh Grade Peytan Brandt 1st Place
Eight Grade Katie Moody 1st Place
Ninth Grade Sydney Hall 1st Place - Pen-Ink
Trystan Brandt 1st Place - Photography
Eleventh Grade Jordyn Brandt 1st Place - Pastel
Jordyn Brandt 1st Place - Water Color & BEST OF SHOW
Felix Richter 1st Place - Digital Art

Congratulations to these Timberwolves who were recognized on the CRC All Conference Selections.
Girls First Team All-Conference:
Logan Zeleny
Honorable Mention:
Amber Pribyl
Boys First Team All-Conference:
Nolan White
James Sluka
Derek Luzum
Honorable Mention:
Kyle Jensen

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