Monday, December 20, 2010

Exeter-Milligan School Update - Learning New Words

Learning New Words:  Mrs. Mueller has introduced the upper
high school   students with learning disabilities to the
VocabAhead site, but the   site is definitely for anyone who
wants to increase their vocabulary.    This website is  It is used to learn SAT, ACT and GRE 
vocabulary words.  It uses entertaining cartoon
illustrations that   summarize a short story-like situation.
 You may sign up to receive   the Word of the Day through
your email.  There is also a Study Room,   Word Lists, and
Videos that a person may access to increase their 
vocabulary.  They even have an application that you can use
with your   iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch.  Teachers may also use
this site for their   Elementary and SAT Vocabulary words.

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