Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Girl Scouts Celebrate Achievements

Exeter Girl Scout Troop 390 are pictured at their awards tea. Pictured in the front row from the left are Macy Due, Vicki Androyna and Janey Erkdamp. Second row from the left are Kaitlyn Vavra, Hannah Beethe and Tara Mueller.

The Exeter Girl Scout Troop 390 celebrated the last year's achievements on Saturday afternoon with a afternoon tea. The girls welcomed their families and friends and opened with the pledge of allegiance and the girl scout promise.

Leader Becky Erdkamp explained the five badges the girls earned this year. In November they earned "Wave the Flag" in which they learned about the flag, made patriotic bracelets and celebrated Veteran's Day. In December the girls earned the "People are Talking" badge. They did all kinds of role playing and listening games. They also learned skills to practice being kind to others. The group were part of an adopt a family project at Christmas time and shopped for a girl their age who was in need.

In January, the group started learning about their upcoming cookie sales and then in February they earned the "Make it eat it" badge. They learned about nutrition, planned a menu and then made their own lunch. In March they worked on the "Travel Right" badge. They decorated travel bags and prepared to pack for a trip. The girls worked on travel journals.

The final badge they earned was the "Recycling Rocks" badge. For this project the girls made posters showing the items that are recyclable in Exeter and what happens to the recycled material. They also, along with the Exeter Cub Scouts, held a recycling fair in Exeter to help the community learn more about recycling.

The girls moving into fourth grade this fall will now be Junior girl scouts. This summer the girls hope to attend a camp nearby and will also have a summer outing. They are lead by Becky Erdkamp, Sherri Due and Anita Mueller.

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